Who Is It?

He got up and rebuked the wind and the raging waters; the storm subsided, and all was calm. “Where is your faith?” he asked his disciples. In fear and amazement they asked one another, “Who is this? He commands even the winds and the water, and they obey him.”  Luke 8:25 (NIV)

At Jesus´ wish His followers set out to cross the lake.  But the fine sailing did not hold out.  A fierce storm broke over them.  They were battered by the winds and the seas.    He seemed to be resting peacefully while all the elements were battering them.  They were distressed.  They were scared.  They knew this would be the end of them.  They began to fear for their lives.  So they cried out to Him.  They wanted Him to know they were going to drown.  But what do we see Jesus do?  How does the Savior react to the scary and difficult times?  Does He get worried?  Does He get all worked up?  Or do the seas calm at His command?  Does the howling wind bow to His voice?  Is there a calm that comes from the attention of our Savior?

Would this story describe many of our situations today?  Could we think we are headed in the right direction when we find ourselves faced with the wind in our faces?  Do all the elements sometimes mount up against us?  Does our frail ship seem to be at the brink of sinking too?  Could we look for our Savior?  Is there help nearer than we think?  Would He still have the wind and the seas bowing to His command?  Could His attention and His voice work wonders in the storm that rages around us too?  Would the Son of God still have that kind of power?

As the Disciples struggled through their fear and amazement to comprehend what they had seen, could we wonder as well?  Who is This?  Who would have that kind of command?  Who could, with only their words, still the mighty seas?  Who could, at the sound of their voice, silent the fierce winds?  Who could in Heaven or on earth, have the power to make all the chaos go away?  Who controls the storm which threatens us right now?  Who is it?

Could we still look to Jesus?  Did Christ save those poor souls out there on the lake?  Was it God´s very own Son?  Is it He Who has been given power and authority over the very things which would destroy us?  Would He be willing to turn His attention on our situation too?  Could He say a few words in our desperate time?

Immediately after removing the peril from the lives of the victims in the storm, Jesus asks them where their faith was.  What is He getting at?  They knew the danger they faced.  They knew the wind and the waves were real.  They knew they were seconds away from being swept under and lost at sea.  What was it that they failed to do?  Was Jesus asking them not to look at those things?  Was Jesus expecting them to be tuned rather to what He was about to do?  Is it possible that the wind had been whipped up for their instruction?  Might those waves have been ordered so that they could learn something about faith?

Dear Jesus, we are no better than men at the mercy of the storm.  All kinds of elements mount up and batter us from all sides.  We are threatened to the point of death.  We are sinking whether we know it or not.  What can You teach us now?  What lesson of faith are You pressing upon us today?  Would You have us look past the bad things that threaten our lives and our comfort?  Would You still have us look to You?  Is this what faith is?  Can we start looking at You now?  Will You speak to the things that sweep us away?  Could Your voice help calm the howling world around us?  Could You bring us peace even in the face of our troubles too?  Speak dear Lord.  Let the earth hear Your voice!



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