What Faith Can Heal

They laughed at him, knowing that she was dead.  But he took her by the hand and said, “My child, get up!”  Luke 8:53-54 (NIV)

A man comes to Jesus.  He needs the Lord to do something for him.  He is concerned for the health of the daughter he loves.  She is ill.  Jesus agrees to go with the man so they start out.  As the people press in on the Savior, a woman touches Him.  All her years of sickness end in that moment.  Jesus knows that power and healing have flown out from Him.  The woman cannot hide.  She gives her testimony.  The Jesus says to her that she can go in peace.  Her faith in Him has saved her!

But is that the end of our surprises?  Does Jesus have more to teach us of faith?  He continues down the road.  But wait!  Someone comes to say it´s too late.  They say death has closed the door.  They tell us we have lost this daughter.  But Jesus asks us to look only to Him.  Does Jesus let us listen to the world?  Will others see that Jesus is working here?  Can they understand that He knows what He is doing?  Is He asking us to follow Him in faith?  Jairus walked with the Lord even as his heart was breaking.  Can we do the same?

Through the crying and the ridicule, Jesus leads us.  Will we stay by His side?  We come to the house.  Our loved one is seems lost to us.  But do miracles happen where Christ is?  Have we kept close to Him?  Will we watch as He takes our loved one by the hand?  Is He working here now?  What kind of faith are we displaying to our Savior?  What is He finding in us?

Will people laugh as we write ourselves into the picture with Jesus?  Will they understand?  Our hearts may be breaking.  We may not be able to see how He can help us now.  But will we press close just the same?  Will we listen to Him despite the objection of the rest?  Who will we listen to?  Who is it we are actually following?

Miracles happened that day.  Lives were restored.  People were healed.  They could love and praise the Lord once again.  How was it all effectuated?  What secret ingredient was present?  Jesus was there.  This we hear.  But was there some catalyst which let Him display His power to restore?  Is there a condition within our hearts that needs to be met?  Would our Lord be looking for a quality in us that will let Him do mighty things?  Will healing come to us too when we find that what we lack?

Would now be a good time to search our hearts?  Could we get close to Jesus today?  Could we ask Him to show us what He finds deep in our soul?  Could we ask for a little more faith in Him?  Would it please Him if we did?  Would we place ourselves in a position to see Him at work?  Will a little more faith on our part give Him what He is waiting for, to unleash His healing power?  Are we ready to see miracles happen today?

Dear Jesus, there are some who listened to You when they were at their most desperate hour.  Could You help us be like them?  Let us seek You.  Let us listen to hear Your voice.  Let us refuse to be deterred by the crowd.  Give us faith to stay right by Your side.  Let our hearts drive us closer and closer to You.  Then as You find faith in our hearts, open us to see Your wonderful healing power in our lives.



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