How Is Power Given?

When Jesus had called the Twelve together, he gave them power and authority to drive out all demons and to cure diseases, and he sent them out to preach the kingdom of God and to heal the sick.  Luke 9:1-2 (NIV)

How on earth could Jesus give the ability to His Disciples to heal?  How can we possibly say that He could hand over authority over the evil which has its hold on people?  Would that kind of action belong to the Creator alone?  Are we reading the scripture right?  Could this possibly be what happened back on that day?  Or is it all just too impossible?  Are we unable to accept that such good can and is transferred from above?  Even if it were possible for the Son of God to give the right to normal men, how in the world would they ever know how to use that power?  How could people like us activate and channel the positive force that sustains our existence?

Is it too much to consider?  Would we have to throw up our hands and admit our minds cannot expand that far?  Would we have to say that it is simply impossible for us humans?  Would that leave us dependent upon a higher power?  Would this kind of honesty be a kind of base where faith could be built?  Would leaving the power and ability of such impossible tasks in the hands of God mean that we are starting to find faith?  Would we first have to let Him Be Who He says He Is?  Would we have to concede to Him the authority He says He has?  Would this be the beginning of belief?  In recognizing our limitations would we depend upon His superior knowledge?  In humble honesty would we activate this wonderful gift which is called faith?

Could our budding faith then lift us to understand that God does have control?  Would our sprouting understanding begin lifting our eyes upward?  Could we begin to see that all of creation is connected to the Creator?  Would we start to recognize how He cares for us?  Could we start to see how He lovingly formed us and is watching after us always?  Would we then be able to accept that He could use His power and authority as He knows is best?  Would that explain how He could give it to worthy servants?  Would this also mean that they would out of necessity need to be with Him to utilize it?  Would the power need to flow out from God in order for it to flow through His workers?  Would that force then be directed in the manner the Lord would have it used?  Would it make sense that every aspect is connected to the Almighty?  Would it bring Him glory, honor and praise to His name to know that He is present in each and every part?

As Jesus gave these wondrous abilities to His people, He sends them into the world with nothing.  He left them no room to take credit themselves.  They took no clothes, shoes or money.  Would this also prove that the Great Presence was necessary?  Does it go to show how we could live and move today?  Did those Disciples go out and heal, preach and drive away the bad because God was with them?  Was His Presence that power which brought every result?  Is it beautiful to think He is so involved with us?  Is it amazing that the Almighty would flow out to His world filling and flowing through normal people like us?  Is it awesome to see people so connected and dependent upon Him for His wisdom, power and authority?

Dear Lord, so many wonderful truths we just cannot fathom.  But it encourages us to think that You do know and You would teach us.  Please begin to open our awareness.  Show us how You are moving in our world today.  Teach us to count on Your love and care.  Help us to understand how Your power and authority flow out to us to fill us and help us.  As we grow in faith, let us too feel that Presence flowing into us too!



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