Why The Impossible?

He replied, “You give them something to eat.”  They answered, “We have only five loaves of bread and two fish–unless we go and buy food for all this crowd.” (About five thousand men were there.)  Luke 9:13-14 (NIV)

Does Jesus ask us to do the impossible?


Jesus´ Disciples come to Him and tell Him the people need to eat something.  They ask Him to send them off to buy food.  But what does Jesus do?  Does He ask them to do the impossible?  Does He tell them to take responsibility of the hungry crowd?  Does He ask them to give to the people what is needed?  How can the Son ask such an impossible task of us?  What other things is He asking us to do?  Are they impossible too?  What are we to learn here?

Would it be like our Lord to give us multiple lessons in one?  Could He be teaching us on an unlimited number of levels at the same time?  Could the lesson we receive be different from the person sitting next to us?  Is our Lord that intelligent?  Is God that powerful and wise?

Is it true that what Jesus asks the Disciples is something mortals are just not able to perform?  With only a couple of fishes and five loaves of bread, how on earth could we ever feed all those people?  Is it because He wants us to take steps in Faith?  Is He looking for those who will look past what we know of reality, and step out on Him alone?  Would we have to exercise our faith in God, just to listen to His wishes?  Would we need to believe Jesus is at work in this moment for us to even hope we could see His wishes fulfilled?  Does it throw us further upon Him even to consider it?  Would this draw us closer to our Savior?  Is this a positive thing?  Is this when miracles are born?   When we find ourselves that close to the Lord, do we find amazing and impossible things happening all around us?  Is this when we witness the mighty arm of God at work?

Could it be possible that Jesus already knows what He is going to do?  Does He ask us to do the impossible so that we will take part in His miraculous work?  Is it one way that He can teach us of the wonderful workings of the Spirit?  In believing on Him do we align our souls to Heaven?  By accepting the impossible challenge do we count on His strength?  Do we unite our hopes and rest them in God above?  Would more souls tuned to the Lord find even more strength?  Would more power flow from the Spirit of the Almighty?

Does Jesus ask us to feed an innumerable amount of people not only with physical food?  Is He asking us to give them the Bread of Life?  The Disciples distributed the baskets of morsels to the crowds that day.  But didn´t they also spend the rest of their lives spreading out the Word of Jesus to all the hungry and needy people of the world?  Are we still being fed by the Bread that they handed down to us?  By faith in Jesus, have they succeeded in their impossible task?  By following Jesus´ words and believing He would find a Way, have they found their Way to pull it off?  Just as they needed to look to Him to provide in all He asked them to do, could we too find strength to do the impossible today?

Dear Jesus, are You asking us to do the impossible right now?  Are You asking us to look to You instead of what we know about how things work in our universe?  To see miracles happening around us today, will we need to believe You will provide us with what we need to pull it off?  Could You give us this kind of strength we pray?  We look to You! Teach us! Unite us to You!  Fill us with Your Spirit so we can respond to Your call!  Then give us the strength to do the impossible today! 



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