Jesus Shines?

As he was praying, the appearance of his face changed, and his clothes became as bright as a flash of lightning.  Luke 9:29 (NIV)

They are in a remote place high on a mountain.  Jesus has taken them there to pray.  As Jesus bows to His Father He begins to take on an unearthly glow.  There are only a few of His followers who He has taken that far away from the crowds.  But are they some of His closest and most trusting friends?  Is it a privilege for those nearest to Him to receive deeper and more revealing revelations of Jesus?  Is God pleased to show His Son to those who love Him most?

But what is going on?  What is this bright glow?  How can a Person´s appearance change?  How can we say His clothes shine as bright as lightening?  Are we talking foolishness?  Is it impossible in our world?  How can we ever let ourselves believe it could be true?  Are we talking of mysterious powers?  Is it too fantastic for us to believe?  Or can we find a place in our heart that wants to believe it?  Even though we cannot explain it, is there a part of us which stirs at the thought of wonderful sights?  Is there a little spark within us that wants it to be true?  Could it be just a tiny seed planted by the Lord?  If we nurture it with a little more searching, could we fan that spark into a flame?  Would we be able to feed our curiosity and wonder after the miraculous Presence of Spirit?  Could we give ourselves over to hope in the Lord our God?  Could we accept the challenge to believe even though we can´t see how?

Those with Jesus there in this mysterious moment of glory had an impressive experience.  Was it because they had already given leeway to their hearts?  Had they already decided that there was Something wonderful that they needed to learn of?  Is this why they had left everything to follow Jesus?  Had they realized that they would continue to be amazed by all they learned, if they could just be with Him?  Did they readily leave behind their comfortable routines of worship and way of life?  Did they step out in hope that with Jesus they would start to learn of the limitless wonder of God?   Did they accept the risk of being astonished by what they saw and heard?  Did they accomplish much by merely looking to Jesus?  Did they place themselves in a position to be blessed by drawing close to Him?  Were they privileged because of their simple faith and hope in Jesus?

Where does it leave us?  Where are we?  Have we taken a chance to be amazed today?  Have we stepped far enough from the crowd to place ourselves where He could wow us too?  Are we making sure that we are close enough to Him to see something of wonder right now?  Are we going that far out on a limb?  Is it easier to let others do our thinking for us?  Would we rather not question our own faith?  Would it be so much smoother to ignore the whole idea of miraculous and mysterious happenings?  Would it be simpler just not to think much of it?  Or would we lose out on seeing something marvelous today?  Is there some miracle that God could show us if we let Him?  Could God in Heaven make Jesus shine in our lives too?  Will we give Him the chance right now?

Dear Lord, some testify to experiencing marvelous things.  Some have been closer to You than we are.  But have You placed a curiosity within us too?  Can we work along with Your urgings?  Will we come close enough to You today to be amazed?  Is there something wonderful that You want to show us?  Light a spark of curiosity in us too.  Fan our desire into a flame.  Let something burn within us to see things we will never be able to explain.  Give us hope to see the wonders of You!



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