Are We Amazed?

But they did not understand what this meant. It was hidden from them, so that they did not grasp it, and they were afraid to ask him about it.  Luke 9:45 (NIV)

Jesus is coming back from the mountain.  A man out of the crowd cries out for His help.  He has a boy suffering from epileptic fits.  The followers of Jesus have been unable to do anything for the boy and his father.  So the man turns to Jesus.  In an instant Jesus relieves the boy from the evil that has been torturing Him.  He sends the dark spirits out and gives the boy back to his father.  Everyone is amazed at the greatness of God!  Are we?

Are we humans surprised because we didn´t know God or His Son could do such wonders?  Or are we astonished each time we are revealed another amazing gesture of our Lord´s mighty power?  Is it because we didn´t know He could work as He says He can, or because we have just never experienced His wonders first hand?

Jesus performs His amazing restoration of health to this family and goes on to teach.  He tells of what is to come.  Right in the moment where we should be most open to any enlightenment, do we still struggle to comprehend?  The Disciples were warned in preparation that Jesus would have to suffer being handed over to those who would kill Him.  But were they able to capture what He was saying?  Was it hidden from their eyes?  They were aware that the Lord wanted to tell them something, but were they too scared to ask Him what it was?  Could this be our problem too?

Could it be possible that there is something we are missing today?  Is there something the Lord would have us know?  Is there an expression from Him that He would have us see?  Is there a teaching of Him that would help us now?  Is there something that would bring us along in our understanding and in our closeness to Him that is being hidden from us?  Are we failing to be undone and amazed at the powerful arm of God at work in our lives?  What could we be missing right now?

Would it be a good time to go to Jesus?  Could we approach Him today?  Could we find a moment and the courage to ask Him what He has for us?  Shall we pray to Him to show us something more?  Shall we press forward in faith?  Can we prepare ourselves to be overwhelmed by what He will show us?  Will our hearts be thrilled when He moves into our awareness?  Will the further realization of Him that He has for us just blow us away?  Will we be amazed?

Dear Jesus, are we a crazy breed of people?  Are we slow to learn?  What marvelous things of You are still hidden from us?  What would You have us know today?  Can we find the courage today to ask You to astonish us too?  Will You show us something more of You?  Will You thrill us and amaze us with what You want to share with us now?  Come!  Teach!  Open our understandings!  Then hold us so we don´t fall.   Surely we will be completely amazed by You!  Don´t let our fears and doubts hold us back from learning of Your greatness right here, right now!  Come unleash Your power and glory we pray! 



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