Rejoice In What?

I have given you authority to trample on snakes and scorpions and to overcome all the power of the enemy; nothing will harm you.  However, do not rejoice that the spirits submit to you, but rejoice that your names are written in heaven.”  Luke 10:19-20 (NIV)

Painting By George Wonenberg
Painting By George Wonenberg

Jesus sends out His followers.  He asks for the Word to be spread.  He sends His heralds out into the world with a message.  He asks that healing be brought to those who are in need.  Does He give authority over the powers that will oppose His workers?  Is there a message that He wants people to hear?  He gives instructions on how to go about the commission.  Are there people and places that will receive well the news of the Lord?  Are there some that will refuse to see and hear?  Does Jesus tie Himself directly to the mission He assigns?  Does He include us together with Him and with the Father?

As His workers return to account for all they experience, how have they found the experience?  Are we thrilled that we witnessed wonderful and amazing thing in the name of the Lord?  Have even the darker natured forces been held back or turned away?  How should we feel to see those negative powers left without authority?  Should we feel elated to find evil backing down against the advance of the word of God?  Can we somehow feel lifted up because dark powers submitted to the authority given to us?  Can we celebrate when health is restored?

Or does our Savior point us in another direction?  Is Jesus gently bringing us back to the more important points?  Does He know our hearts can easily slide from our primary concern?  Does He see that we are far too quick to take our eyes off of God?  Could even the wonderful experience of performing or witnessing miracles provide an opportunity to look to ourselves?  Would Christ be more than pleased to see the bad parted at the sight of light?  But at the same time does He want us to keep clear where our focus is?  Does He want our hearts and souls gazing always at the Father?  Would filling our hearts with pride and celebration remove some of their dedication and closeness to Him?  Could we hear His encouragement today?  Can we listen carefully to where His is directing us?  Although many wonderful expressions of God´s power can be seen, could we choose not to focus more on them than on Him?  Could the expression serve rather to make our Lord and His Kingdom loom even greater into our vision?

God can and is still moving mightily in His creation.  Are we aware of it?  Can we see when He moves in our lives?  Can we detect where He is working in the hearts of those near to us?  If we are drawn close enough to Him, will that same powerful force flow through us?  Could it be possible to actually be a part of His mighty work?  Could we work along with the powerful arm of the Lord?  If we do sense that power and authority, what will our reaction be?  If we have been involved in a miraculous work, where will we take it?  Will we turn it into another possession of our own?  Or will our hearts rejoice as He encourages?  Will the part that thrills us the most be that we are somehow connected to Him?  Will we be enthralled and elated that we have come to know the Almighty God?  Will our highest reward be to share in a relationship with Him?

Dear Lord, help us to see Your mighty arm at work.  Show us how darkness can be dispersed when confronted with Your light.  Thrill us and lift us up.  May we sense that wonderful Force and Spirit flowing through us too!  Then let our soaring spirits rejoice!  Let us rejoice that we have found favor in the sight of the Lord!  Let us be carried away with the joy of having a part with You!  Let this bond, this relationship with You, give us cause to celebrate today and forever more!



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