To Follow

Still another said, “I will follow you, Lord; but first let me go back and say good-by to my family.”  Luke 9:61 (NIV)

What reaction do we have had when the call of Jesus comes to us?  When Jesus asks us to step out of the rat race of our society and draw near to Him, is it a big step?  Would it be natural for us to have some misgivings?  Is there a lot that we would have to leave behind?  How long have we lived coming and going as we pleased?  Will it be easy to drop our own agendas and seek His guidance for everything?  Is it even something we humans are capable of?  Do we just love to grab the reins ourselves?  Do we like to think we are the drivers to our own destiny?

The world has been our home for so long.  It is full of all the things we love.  Our loved ones are here too.  We have family and friends.  We have careers and we have possessions.  Some of our possessions are material.  Some are not.  But are they all things that we have grown attached to?  How could the Lord ask us to let go of them with our hearts?  How could He ask us to put Him first?

Is it possible that the answer is bigger than we imagine?  Could it be that God is working on a universal scale?  Might the Force that brought all that we see and know into existence have some master plan?  Is He steadily and surely carrying out that plan as we speak?  While we sit back in our lives of routines and pressures, is the Lord working towards a goal?  Can He see past our all-consuming issues?  Can He see what is important not just for the moment, but for all eternity to come?

Would Jesus Christ be an intricate part to this wonderful plan of God?  Did the Father testify to sending Him here to us?  Does He ask us to listen and to draw near to this Son of His?  Would He make Jesus essential to each of us?  Would there be good cause to drop everything we are doing and come immediately to Him?  Shall we find out what it is that He would have of us?  Do we think He might know what He is talking about?  Is there a possibility that our part in an endless future depends on how serious we take Him today?  Would that be worth leaving all that we set our heart upon before?

“No one who puts his hand to the plow and looks back is fit for service in the kingdom of God.”  Jesus says in verse 62.  Is He giving us a choice?  Does He leave it up to us?  Is He saying that we can have all that we loved of this world?  Is He offering us much more if we listen and follow?  To set our hope on what He is holding before us, we will first need to let go of the old?

How do we read it?  How do His words fall on us today?  What comes to mind first?  Do we immediately see all the things that we will have to give up?  Do they loom up in our eyes?  Do we feel an instant pain at the thought of removing them from the center of our hearts?  Or does our heart leap at what our Savior is hinting towards?  Do the old things pale in comparison?  Can we feel the thrill and excitement of entering realms that we cannot fathom?  Does our heart race at the thought of knowing such a Being as God?  Is the thought of being filled with a Spirit which will bring us to Jesus, make us forget we ever had any of those former things so dear to us?

Dear Jesus, help us today.  How will we respond to You?  Open our hearts to what You would have for us.  Help us forget what we loved before.  Help us give up ANYTHING to put You first and foremost in our hearts today! 



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