Too Busy For God

“Martha, Martha,” the Lord answered, “you are worried and upset about many things, but only one thing is needed. Mary has chosen what is better, and it will not be taken away from her.”  Luke 10:41-42 (NIV)

Does it seem like the pace of our world and society where we live just gets faster by the day?  When we look behind us at the past, does life seem simpler and less complicated than it is now?  Jesus comes to the home of Mary and Martha.  Martha is running around frantically trying to prepare everything.  Mary just sits at Jesus´ feet.  She wants to hear Him.  She wants to gaze at Him.  She wants to be near Him.  She wants to feel what she feels when in His Presence.  But Martha is having a completely different experience.  She has Christ in her home, but she has a million things to do.  She can´t afford the time to sit with Him.  She feels only the pressures that pull her here and there.  All of these pressures are important, right?  People need to be looked after, don´t they?  Do people need to be fed as well?  So finally she brings her stress to Jesus.  But does He give her the response we normally ask for?

Do we think God does not know what kind of world we are living in?  Do we think that we are the only ones in history who have felt real pressure?  Is there something we would like to try and teach the Almighty?  Or are we the ones who need to listen?  Is it us who should pull up a chair and open our ears?

Could Jesus have let this situation happen in real life so as to give us some important instruction?  Could poor Martha have stressed herself into a perfect reflection of us today?  Might Jesus´ words come timely to us now?  Could we come to Him to see what He will tell us?  We are busy.  There is so much that needs to be done.  We have got hungry people to feed.  We have got so many demands on our time.  There is so little help.  So we come.  We come to Jesus.  We ask Him to give the order and send us some help.  But what does He say?  Will He let us confuse the issue?  Will He let us run after every other emergency before we come to Him?  Would He prefer for us to just set those pressures aside?  Could He be more important to us right now than all our running about?

Looking around us does it seem like all this scurrying and worrying is getting us anywhere?  What are we stressing over?  What is it that we are so pressured to do at this point in time?  Are those things more important than being with the Lord?  Is feeding hungry people more important than where we stand in relation to Jesus?  Would looking after the comfort and well-fare of others be more of an emergency than making sure we are near to Him?  Is Jesus using this moment to tell us once again what the most important things in life are?  Before we run out the door to attack our busy agenda today, could we start first with spending time with the Lord?  Before we worry about our arrangements, could we first consider where we are with Him?  Might a lot of our pressures be relieved if we do?

Dear Jesus, we get so caught up in our busy lives.  There is so much to do.  Please help us keep ever present that what is of the most value, You.  Help us to see past all our stress and come spend time in Your Presence.  When we are with You, then we will be directed to the most important Thing of all.  It is there where all other things will find their place down on the list of priorities.  You will show us how to go about them and You will be our helper.  But let us make sure that we are there where we should be, with You!



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