Taught To Pray

He said to them, “When you pray, say: ” ‘Father, hallowed be your name, your kingdom come.  Give us each day our daily bread.  Forgive us our sins, for we also forgive everyone who sins against us. And lead us not into temptation. ‘ “  Luke 11:2-4 (NIV)

Should we think it important to pray?  How many kinds of prayer are there?  What is prayer really?  Is it a ritual we can perform?  Or is it a form of communication?  Is it something we are just taught to do?  Or is it a very vital and necessary form in which we send and receive expressions between our heart and that of our Lord?  Is it cold and isolated?  Is it one-sided?  Is it something that can be memorized and recited over and over?  Or is it something genuine that is actually felt?  Is this the reason it is needed to be expressed to the One with Whom we would share it with?  Do we yearn within ourselves to have these moments in bonding and transferral of sentiments?  Is it our moment to ask questions?  Is it our time for receiving enlightenment?  Is it a uniting of our soul to the God who made us and cares for us?  Is it where time is spent in the company of the One who loves us?

When we look at how Jesus leads His Disciples to pray, what do we learn of it?  Do we see only a string of words that follow one another?  Can we learn it and recite it perfectly?  Would that be why the Savior gives it to us?  Or is there more?  Is there so much more?  If we break it down, what do we find?  Are all the parts of this “Lord´s Prayer” directly placing us in the Presence of God?  Do they all connect us to Him somehow?  Should they?

Do we begin with a recognition of God as One worthy of our respect and love?  Is it followed by an expression of our desire to share with Him in living experience?  Does it place us under His mercy and His care?  Are we shone as dependent upon Him?  Are we aware of it?  Do we express our need for Him in even the simplest and most basic requirements for life?  Does it open us to the hope of being like Him in His forgiveness and love to others?  Does it demonstrate the pain we would feel to disappoint His expectations for us?  Does it reveal that we desire His help in remaining true to Him?  Are any of these things removed from a very intense and intimate bond between us and a Living God?  Would each and every part need to be felt, expressed, lived through and shared together in actual experience?  Is it something we could do alone?  Or will we need to do it with Him?

Could now be a good time to look at our lives?  Are there things that burn in our hearts that we would love to take to Someone?  Would a loving God be the perfect Candidate to hear what we need to express?  Would He be the best Councilor to bring our questions to?  Could there possibly exist a higher authority than the Creator to go to for our answers?  Could there be another ear more eager to listen to us?  Even sweeter to Him than to hear our voices directed to Him, would He Be thrilled that we have turned our attention towards Him?  Would the fact that we honestly approach Him with the desire to be with Him, open His heart to us as well?  Would this kind of prayer fulfill what our Savior Jesus Christ was trying to teach us?

Dear Jesus, show us again how to pray.  We do not want the words we say to float out into the vast nothingness of space.  We would direct our prayers to our Living God!  We want to communicate, to bond, to spend time within the Presence of the Lord!  Please teach us to pray like that!



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