Our Big Hurdle

Indignant because Jesus had healed on the Sabbath, the synagogue ruler said to the people, “There are six days for work. So come and be healed on those days, not on the Sabbath.”  Luke 13:14 (NIV)

On the day set aside for worship Jesus has compassion on an afflicted woman.  He heals her of her infirmity.  But not everyone is happy.  Some just can´t get passed what we think we should be doing.  Is this a very real problem?  Could it happen to any of us?  Could we too get wrapped up on our own ideals?  Can we get lost on what is right or wrong?  Is it possible that we could take our eyes off of God to look at the scenes before our eyes?  Could we use what we think to be correct and step out on it, but somehow unknowingly be detaching ourselves from the Lord in doing so?

Is this story just one of many where people marched right along in their thinking without stopping to consider where the Lord was moving?  Do we constantly find scenes depicted in the Scriptures where well informed individuals failed to sense the great heart of God as He touches His beloved children?  Do we all like to see everything in black and white?  Do we realize that God is alive?  Can we see that He is here and He is at work?  How often do we leave Him and set out to complete orders or follow commands?  Is it so difficult to us to see that God never separates Himself from us for anything under the sun?  Why can´t we realize that whatever there is to do, think, have or give is to be done WITH Him?  Why are we so slow to learn that the importance isn´t in these THINGS but in Him?  Can we open ourselves to the fact that He is Present?  Do we forget that what He desires in us is a relationship?  Can we understand that He cares and He is moving powerfully in each moment?  Can we see that God is infinitely good?  Can we see that He is consistent in His love and care?  Can we see that all life now and for eternity depends upon how close we are to Him?  Is it about how real and how deep our love affair with Him truly is?

Is this the great hurdle we have in life?  Is this something we need to get passed?  Should we press on forward into the very Presence of the Divine?  To get there will we need to get beyond our tendency to view the ways of the world?  Would we need to fill our eyes with Him?  Could we fill the eyes of our heart and soul with love for the One who loves us?  Could our relationship with Him take the most important seat of priority?  Would our closeness to Jesus and to our Loving Father define us and direct us in our daily lives too?  If we were so consumed with Him instead of our ideals, would we see clearer how He is reaching out in love to His creation?  If we were listening for His voice in each moment would we be more aware of His movements?  If we were looking to see His mighty arm at work, would we stand a better chance of being amazed and awed?

Dear Jesus, we see how some looked to their own conclusions and understanding.  We do not want to lose out on seeing God at work in our lives.  Please help us over this great hurdle.  Help us come closer to the Lord.  Increase our love.  Draw us into a deeper relationship.  Then, as our attention leaves the passing scenes and fixes upon You, we will see what You are working on.  Let us be so wrapped up with You that we see the love of God pouring out right here, right now, and all around us we pray! 


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