Will God Recognize Us?

Once the owner of the house gets up and closes the door, you will stand outside knocking and pleading, ‘Sir, open the door for us.’ “But he will answer, ‘I don’t know you or where you come from.’  Luke 13:25 (NIV)

Has Jesus just taught us that this Kingdom He speaks of is like a small seed?  Once it gets into a person´s life can it grow into something strong enough to provide for others that are in need?  Has He told us it is like yeast which even a small dose of can spread to all the other areas of our lives?  Does it work in ways unseen until it reaches the whole batch of whatever the Lord is cooking up?  Now do we find some coming to Jesus to see if there will be many who find their Way into this Kingdom of Heaven?  Are we asking how many of us will actually uncover these secrets that unlock our salvation?  Who is it that wants to know if we will be included in those who are allowed in to share the riches of God´s Kingdom?

The question is put to Jesus.  What does He say?  Does He tell us first and foremost to make any effort we can to pass through this Door?  Does He say that many will try?  Does He give us stories and images to help us understand the mysteries of the Spiritual Realm?  Is He using scenes we are able to picture?  Do His parables help us closer to the Lord?  Or do we lower them?  Do we focus on the scene they picture in our world and forget to let them lift our eyes to higher and grander scenes?  Since we have brought our Lord to the question, can we take His hand and let Him lead us forward in understanding Him?

Jesus gives us another story of a House Owner.  He speaks of a door.  He says that we are on the outside.  He says we want in.  But what response do we get from the Master?  What does He tell us?  Could He be saying to us now, that we don´t know Him as we should?  Is He saying He doesn´t recognize us?  Does it sound to us like there is a breakdown in a relationship?  Are two entities which should be knitted closely in a real, mutually felt and vital Way, somehow separated?  Is it a question of knowing one another?   Do the ones who want in realize that it is not enough to have the Lord sit at our tables?  Can we capture the fact that just because we have heard His teachings, it doesn´t mean that Salvation is ours?  Are Jesus words reaching us today that to be recognized by the Master we will need to KNOW Him intimately?  Will we be accustomed to HEARING His voice?  Should we actually spend time together WITH Him?  What is the Saviour teaching us with His words right now?  Are they sinking in?  Are they moving us into action?  What are we doing about our relationship to Him today?  Are we giving Him small amounts of time when we can spare it?  Do we give Him a little of our hearts with what is left over after all the other things we have set them on?  Who is there today that is still actually coming to the Lord with the big, big question?  Who of us is asking Him now if He will recognize us when we want to come to Him in His house?

Dear Jesus, let us be moved in the deepest part of our hearts.  Let it be like the mustard seed and the yeast.  Let it grow!  Let it touch everything in our lives!  Let it work into the whole batch until it BECOMES our very lives!  Lead us into the most intimate, all-consuming relationship of all!  Let us be ever so close to You!  Let us be accustomed to hearing Your voice!  Let our hearts fill to overflowing with love for You!  Let our love affair with You be so real and so mutual that You WILL recognize us!  Let us start today!


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