O’ Jerusalem

“O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, you who kill the prophets and stone those sent to you, how often I have longed to gather your children together, as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings, but you were not willing!”  Luke 13:34 (NIV)

Is this the first time we are considering God?  Is it the first day that we are opening ourselves to be taught of Him through His Word?  Or is it just one of many times before?  Have we already walked long and far with our Lord?  Have we come to Him often and listened many times to His teaching?  If it is the first time, how far are we willing to get involved with the thoughts described?  Are we going to let the Word into our hearts?  Will we let it penetrate to our very soul?  Will we let it expose our tender side and perhaps uncover our weaknesses?  If it is one of a thousand times we approach the Scriptures, are we still affected by what we find?  Has the “Word” still power to move us to the core?  Or do we store away the truths we think we already have a satisfactory understanding of?  Does it help us in one moment but then we move past it and leave it to cover with dust and disuse in some forgotten corner of our past?  Are we still willing to be fed by the words of Jesus?  Is there always a new and fantastic discovery of Him to be made?  Are we overwhelmed again and again, each time a new realization is made?  Does He blow us away whenever His Presence moves into our conscious awareness?

People are trying to get rid of Jesus.  They ask Him to leave.  They say that there are others who want Him dead.  Jesus explains that He is at work.  He tells us that His mission is not yet complete.  He hints at the fact that He will continue for a time then His job will be completed.  Would we like to think He was speaking of the moment in which they came to Him?  Do we prefer to think He was speaking of the three days He was in the grave finishing the work of sacrifice?  Or is there a possibility that He is still describing something which could be happening now?  Where do we paint ourselves into the picture?

Suddenly Jesus breaks out.  He is lamenting the condition of Jerusalem.  He shows the concern He has had for His people all through the generations.  Could He be including us?  Does His love go that far?  He speaks of Jerusalem.  Is the savior speaking of an ancient city of His time on earth?  Does He limit His words to the people of His time or one before Him?  Or do the words of Jesus float high above our first and most simple explanations?  Could they reach even unto us?  Is there the slight possibility that He could lament the condition of our hearts today?  How eager are we to know?  Are we asking these kinds of questions?  Are we brave enough to bring them to the Lord?  Is there some enlightenment we could stand to gain if we did?  Is it possible to gain a little more closeness to His great heart?  Could we enter fuller into the Presence of God?  Could we come to Him now?  Could we come to see if there is a little of Jerusalem inside of our hearts?

Dear Jesus, we hear Your words of despair.  We have heard how much You have always loved us.  We see how it affects You.  Please do not let us give You cause for remorse.  Show us what it is You would have us doing today.  Show us where You would have our hearts.  What more is there that You would have us know about You and Your kingdom?  Show us please where we stand with You.  Show us how much closer You want us to be today we pray!


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