Want Jesus To….

“What do you want me to do for you?” “Lord, I want to see,” he replied.  Jesus said to him, “Receive your sight; your faith has healed you.”  Immediately he received his sight and followed Jesus, praising God. When all the people saw it, they also praised God.  Luke 18:41-43 (NIV)

Here we are with a blind man.  We find ourselves on the path where Christ will pass nearby.  Then we hear a commotion.  We ask what the fuss is about.  They tell us it is Jesus.  He is actually here.  This blind man starts shouting first.  He wants Jesus to notice him.  Do we tell him to be quiet?  Is there any need to get overly worked up?  Or do we join the blind man in calling out for Jesus?  What does Jesus do?  Will He have compassion on us?  Will He turn from where He is going to see what we need where we are right now?

As Jesus approaches the blind man who would not stop shouting, He asks what it is that the man wants Him to do.  The blind man has his answer ready.  He knows what he needs from the Lord.  He asks for sight.  Have we thought about what it is that we want?  When Jesus does come near enough to talk with us, what will we say?  When we get sufficiently worked up to call on Him, what is it that we will ask Him to do for us?  Will we ask for a successful life here on earth?  Will we ask for a bunch of comforts and worldly security?  Or could we follow the blind man and ask for sight?  Could we ask that we are healed enough to begin to see the importance and beauty of the Spiritual Kingdom which is just beyond our powers to perceive?  Would we like to finally have the eyes of our souls open?  Would we love to look upon the wonders of God?  Would we like to see in color all the marvelous aspects of His nature, care and love?  What do we want Him to do for us today?

When the blind man receives his sight he is overwhelmed.  All who are there to see Jesus move in mercy and power cannot contain what we witness.  Do we break out in praise?  Are we moved to follow Him?  What elements are present in this miracle?  To see the Lord work in mighty ways, what is needed?  Must there first be an attempt to come into His very Presence?  Must we forget the busy world around us?  Should we ignore those who would tell us not to cry out to Jesus?  Should we give way to our burning desire to be healed by Him?  Should it become so forceful that we care not what the world will tell us?  Could we cry, shout, pray or do anything our souls require to make Him that necessary to us?  If we are sincere enough and do not give up, will He hear our cries?  Will He come near to us to see what we want?

If we do go this far and we find ourselves turned from our beggar´s lives, could we ask Jesus for sight?  Is this what we want?  Do we want to go on our whole lives only looking at the world around us?  Do we want to focus on our careers?  Do we want to look to the people who surround us?  Or do we want to look above all this?  Do we want to gaze at God?  Do we want to see wonders, power and might?

Dear Jesus, we hear that You are near.  Give us the strength to call out to You.  Make us aware of our lack of sight.  We want to see into the mysteries of God.  We want to be overwhelmed by what we can see in You.  Please have mercy on us.  Come to us as You did to the blind man.  Then touch us!  Heal us!  Make us able to look at You, follow You and praise You too!  Show us all that our eyes are not seeing now!



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