He Came To Save

Jesus said to him, “Today salvation has come to this house, because this man, too, is a son of Abraham.  For the Son of Man came to seek and to save what was lost.”  Luke 19:9-10 (NIV)

As Jesus makes His way through the town a short man climbs a tree in his eagerness to see Him.  Zacchaeus was not able to look over the crowd, but now he finds a way to lay his eyes on Jesus.  Amazingly through the confusion in the streets Jesus stops and looks up at him.  He tells Zacchaeus that he is coming to his house today.  Happiness overcomes the man.  He is so moved that Jesus would show him this great favor.  He is a man who is considered by others to be a sinner.  Religious minded people frown upon his questionable career and business.  But obviously Jesus sees something different within the heart of this man.  People are surprised to see that Christ can come into the house of someone who seems such a lost case.  But of all the people in this town, Jesus chooses to visit the house of this sinner.  Do we stop and take the time to ask ourselves what is going on?

Is it just coincidence?  Is this an isolated case?  Should we think that Jesus did this once for this man that day?   Was it because of some secret purpose of God?  Or is there a bigger message here?  Is there something the Lord would have us know of Him too?

Would we demonstrate which kind of people we are by feeling good about ourselves?  Would we be like those in the story if we look down at others?  Would it be better to first consider our own souls?  We could pity those whose lives do not reflect their association with God.  Or would it be more prudent for us to look first at whether or not we are living up to His expectations for us?  Zacchaeus was a man who was moved to come and try to see for himself who Jesus really is.  He knew more than the rest that his life of wealth and shady business would not stand too high in the light of God.  He was moved to give away his possessions and change his dealings with others.  He was overjoyed to invite Jesus into his home.  Could we think that it was this attitude which Christ found in him, that made Jesus come to his house instead of entering that of others in that town?  If we would like the Lord to come into our lives and into our homes, could we seek this same kind of sincerity?

What message is the Lord trying to teach us today?  Should we feel better than our neighbor?  Should we take a look at our hearts right now?  What are we doing to make sure that we want to see Him?  Are we standing patiently in the crowd?  Have we noticed our need for Him?  Are we sufficiently moved to the point where we hurry into a vantage point?  Are we willing to give away the things that are valuable to our hearts in order to secure for ourselves greater treasures in the Lord?  Are we adjusting our hearts to be like the great heart of God and pay anything to care about others?  Jesus says He came to seek and save what was lost.  If we are not looking to see Him and for Him to save us, do we think that He will actually be able to save us?  He came to save, but what will He see when He stops to look for us in the tree?

Dear Jesus, You have told us that You came to seek and save.  Please help us to look earnestly enough for You so that You will be able to find us.  Help us to be going out of our way to see You when You look in our direction.  Find us and save us!  Heal us from our wayward ways!  Bring us back from our lives of business and teach us to care for those around us!  Bring salvation to our house today!


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