The Lord Needs It

As they were untying the colt, its owners asked them, “Why are you untying the colt?”  They replied, “The Lord needs it.”  Luke 19:33-34 (NIV)

Jesus is on His way to Jerusalem.  He sends some followers into the town ahead of Him with a mission.  He tells them what to do.  He tells them what they will find.  He tells them what people may say to them.  When they arrive in the town do they find the colt as the Master says?  Are they questioned as our Saviour told them they would be?  What response did Jesus tell them to give?  Could there be a vital and profound message for us living now?  Could there be a more eternal purpose in this story and those words that are written down for us to read?

“The Lord needs it,” are the words Jesus gave them to say.  What correlations could there be to what we are living out today?  Our Saviour needed the young donkey that day to ride into Jerusalem.  He fulfilled Scriptures with the experience.  He gave people hope and a reason to praise God.  That beast served its function in the pages of history.  But do the words of Jesus stop there?  Can they carry on through the generations?  Could they hold weight even today?  What might the Lord be asking for now?  What is it that God may need of us at this moment in time?  Do we stop to consider?  Do we bring the question to Him in prayer?  In that day long ago just the mention of the fact that the Lord needed something served as a good enough excuse for the owners of the donkey to let them use it.  Are we living out the same response in our lives?  If we become aware that Jesus is asking something of us, what are we willing to let go of whatever it is to see Jesus´ needs and desires carried out?

Could people question us today for things they see us doing?  Could they ask us why we pray?  Could someone wonder why we go to church?  Could a stranger see us and wonder why it is that we go out of our way to be kind and loving to others?  Could they question our need to place so much importance upon our relationship with the Lord?  Could they wonder why we place so much urgency upon where we stand with God?  What do tell them?  What can we say?  Do we use the words Jesus gave us?  Are we on a mission right now to carry out our Master´s wishes?  Is our heart set on fulfilling what He says He needs?  If so, what is it that He asks of us?  Are we to untie a donkey?  Or are we to turn from our busy lives?  Are we sent to seek a relationship and a knowledge of Him personally?  Have we been asked to set out on a mission of soul?  Have we been asked to let go of things that belong to us?  Have we been asked to set aside all our personal aspirations to fill the needs and desires of our God?  Does hearing that the Lord needs us give us sufficient information to relinquish ownership of anything at all to see Him lifted up?

Dear Jesus, what is the mission You would send us on today?  What are You asking of our hearts now?  Please help us see the importance and the urgency to let go of anything at all just to see Your wishes and needs met!  Others before us had the good fortune to sing praises to You, to spread their cloaks on the ground to make a path for You. This was because they were willing to relinquish their own time, possessions or desires to please You.  Show us how to place ourselves within reach of amazing experiences in our lives by following their example!  Let those words be at the top of our thoughts and the tip of our tongues!  Let us live and move with the motivation to please our Lord.  Let us drop everything to respond to the thought that the Lord needs something from us!


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