and said, “If you, even you, had only known on this day what would bring you peace–but now it is hidden from your eyes.  The days will come upon you when your enemies will build an embankment against you and encircle you and hem you in on every side.  Luke 19:42-43 (NIV)

Jesus arrives at Jerusalem.  He is moved when He sees it.  He weeps with concern over this town.  He vocalizes His sentiments over the City of David.  He wishes it could see what is happening.  He morns that what is really going on is hidden from the eyes of this community.  But who is He talking about?

How many people have read or heard of this passage?  How many have understood Jesus to be speaking of the City which David built up?  How many have let Jesus´ words describe a physical town in Palestine?  The words are true.  They describe perfectly and accurately what happened to that city.  Jesus´ prophecy over the siege and destruction are facts of history and well documented.  Yet is it possible that the words of the Son of God do not have to stop there?  Could the words of Christ speak just as accurately to describe situations and people in our time?  May they speak even unto us living wherever we are today?

Are there people left who would listen to the words Jesus uses and refuse to lock them away in the pages of history?  Are there still those who would let those words fall on us now?  Could Jesus still be crying over the fact that some are still not letting the weight of the moment dawn upon us?  When Jesus gazes out over the city and civilizations where we live, just what is it that He feels for us?  Is He rejoicing over His view of our current condition?  Is He happy to find open hearts to Him and people working to be near the Lord?  Or is He weeping at the sight of a community and people who would rather chase all that this life can give us here?  Is He crying when He sees us leave His words in the past?  Does He morn that we choose to hide the healing weight of His words from our own hearts?  Is He sad to see that we have not progressed from the days of Jerusalem?  Have we gotten better or worse?  Are we hearing His words and giving them the importance they deserve?  Are we placing urgency upon our relationship to God today?  Are we seeing what it is that will bring peace to the streets of our hearts?

There is a warning in this story too.  Jesus predicts that the city will be attacked and overthrown.  He hints to the fact that if the city had known what to look for, this would not have to happen to it.  Could Jesus be speaking directly to us today?  Could He be saying that we too could recognize the moment Jesus comes near to us?  Could He be saying that if we could recognize what He can do for us in our lives right now, we might save ourselves from deception and eventual destruction?  Could the city of which He speaks be our individual hearts and souls?  Or is there a possibility that He is speaking of our churches today?  Where do we feel the Holy Spirit directing the words of Jesus today?  Are we locking them away in the past by placing them only on that city called Jerusalem?  Or are we willing to open ourselves to let those words pierce our own hearts?  Can we bring them home to us today?  Can we look for Ways to let them feed us and heal us right now?  Can they bring us near to our Saviour?  Can the restore us to God?

Dear Lord, we see the concern You held for the City of David.  We hear a warning in Your voice too.  Please help us to open our hearts to hear Your words!  Help each word to bring us in direct contact with You!  Heal us and draw us ever nearer to You!  Never let us be like the city of Jerusalem which was blinded to what would bring them peace.  But let us see the urgency of each moment we face today!  Let us know in every situation just how close to You and how directed to You we should be!  Never let us do anything without You.  But help us to make You real and Present in all things!  Open our eyes and open our hearts today we pray!  Show us what will bring us peace so that we are not the city which brings tears to Your eyes!


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