After Death

‘But those who are considered worthy of taking part in that age and in the resurrection from the dead will neither marry nor be given in marriage, and they can no longer die; for they are like the angels. They are God’s children, since they are children of the resurrection.’  Luke 20:35-36 (NIV)

Once again someone comes to Jesus to see if He truly can see into the ways of God.  They come pressing Him on an issue which to us humans holds a lot of weight.  Do we all have to come up against this great dividing line in life?  Must we all sooner or later consider our short lives here on earth?  Must we all face up to the fact that we, along with all our loved ones, must one day die?   Should we all wonder what it was all about?  Should we all speculate upon whether or not that short span of life was all there is?  Do we all consider at one point or another if such marvelous beings should only be worth something while we walk the face of the earth?

When and if we do stop to think about the issue of our own mortality, where do we go for our answers?  Do we go to science?  Do we go to our formal education?  Do we go where the living have tested all that they can see, reason and sense?  Or do we go to a source outside of our limited environment?  Do we go to the One who says He has everything to do with our being here?  Do we come to the Lord with our questions?  Do we actually approach Him for our answers?  Those in our text came to Jesus.  Regardless of their intentions, did they at least begin by directing the important question to Someone Who might have a decent answer for us?  They press the Savior to see if He can shed some light upon what is really going on in a larger scale that what we can see with our short years here on earth?  What does Jesus tell them?  What do His words tell us today?  Do we care?  Do we listen?  How are they affecting the way we live each day?

Does Jesus first start by making a distinction in the way we usually think and what is going on in the spiritual realms?  Does He leave us with all the importance of our existence in our world?  But at the same time offer us a taste of a sweet and uplifting view of a caring God?  Is God working out His great plan for His creation?  Do we sense His powerful desire to engage with us personally?  Can we see His intentions toward being with us in a real and close relationship?  Within His words does it sound like Jesus Christ may know what He is talking about?  Does God want us together with Him in a future setting or Kingdom?  Would He consider us as His own children?  Does the thought of God´s wishes for us lift our own spirit above a dark and lonely thought of our mortality?  Can it give us hope to cling on to when we are faced with death and loss?  Do we humans typically see death by using the information the world has given us?  Could it be far more up-building for our spirits to allow the words of Jesus to hold the weight of all eternity?  Could we set our hope on what He says will happen for those who listened carefully enough to His direction?  Would we like to be included in those of whom He speaks when He says are worthy in taking part in what is still to come?

Dear Jesus, we press forward although we step where we cannot see.  Please guide our footsteps.  Guide our hearts and our souls.  You have set a hope within us that there is still something more intended for us.  Let it be!  Let us come to know this wonderful Entity we call God!  Help us!  Open us to Him and His intentions for our future!  Bring us safely to our Father we pray!


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