Jesus´ Turn To Ask

“Beware of the teachers of the law. They like to walk around in flowing robes and love to be greeted in the marketplaces and have the most important seats in the synagogues and the places of honor at banquets.’  Luke 20:46 (NIV)

They have been pressing Him to find where Jesus stands on issues.  Some people just do not yet trust Him.  So they bring tricky questions to Him to show His true colors.  Are we looking for a reason not to drop everything and fall in behind Him?  Are we coming to Jesus not because He is the Son of God, but for some other lesser reason?  Now is it His turn?  Is Christ asking what we believe?  Does He want to know how much importance we are placing upon our God?  Is it our time to sweat under scrutiny?  Where do we stand?  Can we hear Him asking us too?  Have we stopped to think about it?  Could Jesus catch us in duplicity too?  Is there some way that we cling loosely to theology or certain texts in the Bible?  Is there some way where we are not making Him as big and important as He should be in our lives?  Do we think we can go about our own business most of the time and just pay Him some nominal respect on certain days or moments that we steal from our busy schedules?  Are there so many small ways we think or act which betray our hearts?  Do these clues give us away and show where our hearts are truly leaning?

Does Jesus give us an example?  Does He speak of the role-models in our faith?  Can He point to the leaders of our religion?  Is He saying that the very people who dedicate themselves to worshipping the Lord may also get side-tracked?  Can even our teachers of the Word loose the significance and the personal contact with Jesus?  Can they fall into routines of our religions or focus more on ways of living?  Do even our ministers and clergymen need to work hard to make their walk with Jesus real and intimately vital?  Do we all need to bow first to Him before stepping out on even our theories and practices?  Is there a personal quality that needs to always be present which places us before the Lord?  Should we never lose this quality no matter how convinced we are of our faith?

Jesus mentions people who look to themselves.  He mentions those who puff themselves up.  He mentions those who secretly love to be recognized.  Have we looked to see if any of those qualities are creeping into our hearts?  He talks of people who forget to be charitable.  He warns of losing our love and care for others?  He vocalizes incrimination to those who stand above another person or can feel good while others are suffering.  Do we pause to look into our hearts?  Do we examine carefully each day with the Lord where our hearts are going?  When we look into these matters with God, do we find only love and compassion welling up in our hearts?  Are our souls pouring over with the Spirit of God unto all of His creation?  Are we allowing Jesus´ words to incriminate another while ours are filled with the pride of our own piousness?

Dear Lord, take a moment with us to examine our hearts.  We hear Your words but refuse to let any healing slip away.  Is there any way in which Your teachings could come to us right now?  What is it that You are trying to tell us?  Please take us personally by the hand and lead us forward in faith.  Remove any blindfold we may have let the world place over our eyes.  Let us see how important we are making You and Your teachings in our lives right now!  Fill our eyes and our souls with only love and compassion for You and Your children everywhere!  Teach us to see clearly Who Christ is to us today!  Show us how much importance we are placing on knowing Him!  Show us how close and loving our relationship really is today!


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