‘When you hear of wars and revolutions, do not be frightened. These things must happen first, but the end will not come right away.”  Luke 21:9 (NIV)

How many times have we heard that the end is near?  Are we overly familiar with the doomsday message?  Someone is remarking to Jesus of the beauty of what was built up to worship the Lord.  But does Jesus see past the outward beauty or the structure and organization we see?  Can the Saviour see into the future?  Does He describe for us and warn us of what is still to come?  Where does He take us with His teaching as He tries to prepare us for what lies ahead?

Jesus gives descriptions and speaks of states and events in history.  Does anything He say seem like it is happening around us now?  Has any of these signs already happened in our documented past?  Have we heard of wars?  Has churches, nations and organization risen and fallen?  Have men and women been put on the stand?  Have people been persecuted?  Is there any of those things happening now?  What is Jesus´ warning of?  Is He telling us not to be mistaken?  Does He warn us not to be surprised?  When someone says the end is near, should we drop everything and chase after them because we see that the signs of the times give weight to their argument?  When we read or hear of Jesus´ instructions for us today what is it that the Holy Spirit whispers to our hearts?  How does He lead us and build our faith through His message?

Can we hear Him saying not to worry?  Is He telling us that we do not need to know what to say?  Can we take heart to know that He saw that others will not understand us and our love for God?  Do we feel better to hear Jesus say that our loved ones or peers will not see Him the way we do?  Does it strengthen our resolve to seek the Lord, to know that Jesus fore-saw their distain and their cruel reaction to our faith?  Is our heart lifted as He encourages us in our relationship with Him?  Can we set our hearts on a reward and security for those who place enough importance upon knowing Him?

When we see that our religion is in danger, do the words of Jesus bring us the strength to press closer to Him?  How exactly are we reacting to our environment and the situations of our day?  When we see Christianity surrounded and afflicted on every side, where does our heart turn?  Should we be frightened?  Should any of this take us by surprise?  When we hear of doomsday, just what reaction should we have?

Should we make our way into the crowd?  Should we dive back into the routines and daily lives of the cities where we live?  Or should we keep our hearts far from all that?  Should we flee from the worldly ways of thinking?  Should we seek solitude with Him instead of returning the attractive desires of earthly minded society?  Should we remain firm in our faith and near to Christ?  Could we even begin to get excited about the closeness of our Lord´s return?  While the world fret´s over the very signs that show our time on earth is short, can we take heart and rejoice?  Can we see that our wait is nearing its end?  Instead of working ourselves into a frenzy like the clamorous world around us, can we bolster our faith and our dedication to seek the Lord?  Can we use these signs to enhance our urgency and our love for God?  Can we take this opportunity to draw closer in relationship to the One Who is telling us what is really happening today?

Dear Jesus, thank You for trying to direct us as we read of our times.  Please open our eyes to see where You would lead us?  Show us where our hearts should run with what You teach us today!  Help us to see the urgency and use it to strengthen our relationship with You right now!


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