Giving To God

‘All these people gave their gifts out of their wealth; but she out of her poverty put in all she had to live on.”  Luke 21:4 (NIV)

Jesus observes the offerings people are giving in the sanctuary.  He watches as the coins sound out their generous or poor gift.  He sees a woman place just a couple of small coins in along with the impressive offerings of others.  Do we think He knows what goes on behind our gifts and offerings?  Can He see what our situation is?  Does He know if we are giving from excess or from our poverty?  Is it clear to Him whether we can spare a little or a lot?  Could He be more impressed if we gave all that we needed to survive on?  What exactly is Jesus referring to here?  How do His words speak to us today?

Could we take the traditional interpretation?  Could we use Jesus´ words and make them mean what our first understanding brings?  Could we do as we usually do and correlate the teaching of Jesus with the worldly description He gives?  Does His teaching turn into a material matter?  Do we make His meaning stop at physical or outward expressions?  Is Jesus speaking here of only money matters?  Or could He lead us past the first worldly tendencies?  Could He take us deep into the land of intentions?  Can He guide us into the extremely real world of the soul?  Does He take us past the superficial and cut strait to what is going on in our hearts?  Is He bringing us directly into the Presence of the Divine?  Is He bringing us to the very feet of God?  Is it here where real importance lies?  Should we actually come before the Lord with our hearts open to Him in living experience?

Is there the slightest possibility that Jesus could be helping us to understand something important about other offerings and gifts which we may hold up to God?  Might the Son of God be trying to show us what we do deep within our hearts?  Is there a chance that the Saviour could be bringing our attention to the gifts we give of our time, effort, abilities and even our opportunities?  Are these all things which could be given to the Lord as offerings?  Are some people richer than others in that they have been given a greater amount of one or the other?  How generously are we offering these things up to God?  Are we proudly dropping in spare moments or talents out of our over-abundance?  Or are we humbly handing over to God all that we have to live by?  Have we kept back much for ourselves to live off of and to enjoy?  Or was our last effort and chance to make it, offered up in loving submission to the will of God?

Is there a chance that Jesus is observing our offerings today?  If we could picture Him there watching us would it change what we put in the offering plate?  Would it change our attitude to the poor beggar who holds out their hand for a few coins?  But much more importantly, can we see the Son of God looking into our hearts as we decide how much of our time we are going to give to cultivating our relationship with Him?  Do we know He is watching as we offer our talents and abilities to sharing His love to His creation?  Are we aware that He sees how much of our hearts we are offering up before the Lord?

Dear Jesus, some of us have more and some of us are poorer.  Yet whether we speak of talents, time, chances or money, please teach us to give generously to the Lord in every case.  If we are serious about drawing close to You, teach us to give even that last little bit in every area of our lives which we have to survive on!  Help us to be like the widow who gave more than the rest!  Help us not to limit the thought of giving only to our money we pray! 


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