This Different Kingdom

‘And I confer on you a kingdom, just as my Father conferred one on me, so that you may eat and drink at my table in my kingdom and sit on thrones, judging the twelve tribes of Israel.’  Luke 22:29-30 (NIV)

Jesus is sitting with His Disciples around the table at the last supper.  He is giving them some last important instruction.  He has taught throughout His ministry very direct and earnestly on a few points?  What are they?  Have we made a point to find out for ourselves?  Have we gone through with trying to learn and experience each point?  Have we tested them?  Have we prayed long and hard over each one?  Or have we given up on learning any more?  Have we left our thinking to others?  Is Jesus going over once again something vital to our faith now?  Is He bringing us along with His Disciples to a critical point of view?  Is He showing us that His Kingdom and His realm are not like our own?

We open our earthly eyes and we see what is around us.  We see situations and material.  But is what we see exactly like what the Bible describes of His Kingdom?  Should we look around us at the rocks and trees, the nations and organizations and think that the Kingdom of God is just another one of these?  Are the proportions the same?  Do they run by the same laws of nature?  What has the Bible taught us of the realms of the Almighty God?  Or is it possible that we should look at our own world and wonder?  Should we see the miraculous things we see all around us and marvel at the power, size and love of God?  Could we guess by what we have already experienced here in this life, that this amazing Being we call God still has some mind-blowing discoveries in store for us?

The people of Jesus´ time thought that He would intervene with the political scene of their time and immediately alter it.  Did they fail to grasp that He was working on something infinitely bigger than just another reign on earth?  Is it possible that Jesus is leading us all into an understanding of a higher level?  God has conferred upon Jesus a Kingdom not made with hands.  Could Jesus be telling us still today that this is what He holds out for us too?  Instead of thinking in terms of rocks, trees, political systems and comfortable living styles, would it be possible for us to see something different?  Could we begin to see us coming into a Kingdom like none other we have ever known?  Could Jesus be raising the bar?  Could He be upping the stakes considerably?  Could He be trying to set our sights on something that is absolutely out of this world?

To be completely honest to the hopes and dreams of all current religions, could we safely say that all our imagined physical and political circumstances are sure to change as our Saviour has instructed us?  But for the hope of lifting God higher than we tend to do, could we resist setting the limits as to just how, when and what He is going to do?  Could we make Him big enough in our faith to say that whatever He has in store for us in the future Kingdom, we will be amazed?  Will we be astounded?  Will we need His help to take it all in?  Is our God that big?  Is He that great?

Dear Jesus, small is our understanding.  Weak is our faith.  Poor is our sight into the things of the Spirit.  Slow are we to learn and to understand.  Please have patience upon us as we struggle to see past our kingdom and into Yours.  Help us!  Build our faith!  Set our hopes on wonders to come!  Astound us each and every day with Your size, power and love!  Let us leave behind our preoccupation with our own world and start looking forward to Yours we pray!



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