A Dark Hour

“Why are you sleeping?” he asked them. “Get up and pray so that you will not fall into temptation.”  Luke 22:46 (NIV)

The Last Supper is finished.  Darkness has fallen over the land.  Jesus set off to do what He usually does.  He seeks out a quiet solitary place to be with God.  His hour of trial is swiftly approaching.  The fate of the entire universe is weighing upon His soul.  The pressure of it and His love are crushing down on His heart.  This heaviness is almost more that He can stand.  Where does He go?  Where does the Lamb of God go to for help in His time of need?  Does He go to His knees?  Is there a message there for us?  Are we facing difficult times too?  Where should we be?

The description given in the Bible of this hour of darkness and tormented soul, paints us a vivid picture of a real Person living through a trying time.  Jesus is painfully aware of all that is going on.  He sees how little time is left.  He sees how some are harboring hatred.  He knows that only a few people truly care enough about what He is trying to teach us, that we actually attempt to learn from Him.  He knows that people close are going to betray us and let God down.  He knows of the suffering and the pain that is still to come.  He knows that there is still so much for us to learn.  His heart goes out to the world.  He feels the pressure of it all.  The love He has for all His children everywhere are weighing upon His heart.  The concern He has for the entire race of man crushes down on His soul.  Could the worst thought of all be of the separation from God that must still be endured?

In all that Jesus suffers, do we find relevance to our own dark times?  Have we sufficient times to feel as He did in the garden that dark night?  Could we feel all alone in our struggles too?  Should we think that by having the story of Jesus´ suffering, the Lord can still teach us and strengthen us in our day as well?  As we sense some of the same pressures and worries, could we follow our Saviour?  Can we learn from Him?  Jesus tells us not to relax but to move ourselves to prayer.  Are we doing that?  Do we hear the urgency in His voice?  Is He still speaking those words to us right now?  There was a moment long ago when He said it to those closest to Him in a very dark moment.  But are we holding His words as eternal today?  Have we locked them into the past?  Or are we letting His sweet voice break through the darkness of our times?  Are we going to continue in our slumber?  Should we let His words reach our ears and move us into action?  Should we let them draw us close to Him?  Shall we join Him in prayer and petition to God?  Shall we pray for strength in these dark times?  We may not see what dangers and pain still await us.  But He does.  Is He telling us now to pray that we too do not fall into temptation?  Is it time to come to God right now?  Is that the only Way to prepare ourselves?  Is closeness to Him the only thing that will keep us through the rest of this dark night?

Dear Jesus, what are You trying to tell us now?  Where will You take our understandings with Your words?  Are You giving us a dire message today?  Should we wake up and pray?  Shall we strengthen our bond with the Lord right now?  Is this what You are urging us to do?  Please let Your words fall on receptive ears!  Let us hear them and be sufficiently moved!  Let us join You in prayer!  Let us draw so close to God that no matter how dark this hour will be, we will remain safely where we should be!



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