More Proof?

They all asked, “Are you then the Son of God?” He replied, “You are right in saying I am.”  Then they said, “Why do we need any more testimony? We have heard it from his own lips.”  Luke 22:70-71 (NIV)

Jesus has fallen into the hands of those whose intentions are not pure.  They have found a way to capture Him, restrain Him and now they take Him to be condemned.  They bring the Son of Man before their authorities for questioning.  They bring their own agenda.  They bring their accusations.  They bring their hearts tainted with envy, hatred and aggression.  Do we find everyone brought to the question of Who is Jesus?  Loud men have their opinions.  They would do away with Him.  Others want to hear from Christ.  Some are curious.  Some cannot find fault.  But does it seem that each one must come to terms themselves on Who Jesus is?  When Jesus gives His reply, what more testimony is then needed?

Unlike those living when the Son of God went through His trial and execution, can we see today with more clarity?  Can we collect all the information before us and judge for ourselves?  When we are brought to this point of where we stand on Who Jesus is what reaction do we find within our heart?  Are we skeptical?  Are we accusative?  Do we find that we would like more information?  Or do we drop our defenses?  Do we let the question lie with Him?  Do we even care to bring the question of His heritage before Him?  Do we really want to know there is a King that we should bow to?  What does He tell us individually?  Do we listen?  Is He conveying His answer to us now?  Can we hear His testimony?  Do we need any more proof?

On that terrible day in history, Jesus still needed to go through with His sacrifice.  He had to pay for our separation from God with His life.  But is Jesus on trial today within the hearts of men?  Must we all deal with daily, this question of His Lordship?  Is it something that needs to be present with us in every decision, every thought and every action we make?  Does it influence us in all that we do?  Does it connect us to Him in complete dependence?  Does it make Him essential to us in every moment?  Does it make knowing Him and living for Him our highest purpose?  Does it drive us to seek Him in all we see and understand?  Does it bring us to the question of where our relationship to Him stands all the time?

Dear Jesus, are You bringing the question to us today?  Should our hearts still need to settle the question a little more?  Are You the Son of God?  Are You our rightful King?  Should we bow more fully to You today?  Should we seek and follow You more than we do?  Should we be listening to You a little more carefully?  What would You like to tell us now?  Are we hearing the messages that You are conveying to us?  Are we truly listening?  Or are we waiting for more proof?  Please open our eyes!  Open our hearts!  Open us to what You will teach us now!  Help us to need no more proof than to be spoken to by the Son of God!



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