Three Times To Learn

The Lord turned and looked straight at Peter. Then Peter remembered the word the Lord had spoken to him: “Before the rooster crows today, you will disown me three times.”  Luke 22:61 (NIV)

How long does it take us to realize that we do not lift Jesus to the correct level of importance in our lives?  Can we follow along after Him for years without truly giving Him our whole hearts?  Can we live out our lives blindly believing that we are doing the right thing by our association with those who believe in Him?  Can we blunder along thinking that our salvation is sure, completely unaware that He is asking a little more from us?  Could we be like Peter who thought he was one of the most devoted followers until the Lord opened his eyes?

Jesus told Peter that there was coming a moment when he would realize that he wasn´t standing as close as he should.  Peter could not imagine such thing could be possible.  He loved the Lord.  He followed Jesus with what he thought was all he had.  He had left everything to follow Jesus.  He had stood by his Master all this time.  He knew Jesus was the Son of God.  He had seen all the miraculous wonders that Jesus performed with his own eyes.  He believed that Jesus was the Messiah.  He knew he needed to be close to Jesus.  He knew that Jesus held the keys and was the path that will bring us safely home to God.  Yet for all this theory and practice, was there still some distance to be gained?  Was there still the chance that the world could sneak in and separate him from his Lord?

Are we earthlings experts in getting our world into our eyes and into our hearts?  We may sense or know that God is important, but still look to our surroundings to interpret what is happening to us.  But do God, and His Son Jesus Christ move under the control of our situations?  Do They bow to the rules which govern our environment?  Are They limited by the problems and difficulties we may face?  Or are They far above our world?  Do They set the very limits of time, space, power and understanding?  Is it possible that They are working on a set of goals and a plan far bigger than we can perceive?  Even when a problem of ours is big enough to threaten our earthly life, do we remember that moment may somehow fit into Their plan for us?  Could even the most dire situations of our lives be intentionally prepared as moments to find out our real closeness with the Lord?

When Peter finished denying Jesus the third time, Jesus looked right at him.  In that moment Peter´s eyes were opened for him.  Could he now see that there was still some space left between his heart and that of our Lord´s?  Could he see that in that space, if any can be found, the world will try to enter?  Did Peter realize that any moment we start looking too close at our situations, we may have let our eyes drift off of the Lord?  Did he finally see how dangerous our situation is, if we take confidence in ourselves?  Did he learn a valuable lesson of faith in God?  Is this a lesson we too could learn from his experience?  Or are we going to need to live a similar experience ourselves before we see how close we need to be to God?  Will we need to be caught letting the Lord down to see that we should look to Him first, even before interpreting what is happening to us at this moment?

Dear Jesus, please open our eyes now while we have a chance.  Let us see what You are working on in our lives and the world around us now.  We do not want to get caught acting out on our interpretations of it.  We want to look to You always.  Even if we face threats or challenges, let us draw closer to You.  Teach us true faith and to never let you down!



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