Wrong Theology

The people stood watching, and the rulers even sneered at him. They said, “He saved others;  let him save himself if he is the Christ of God, the Chosen One.”  Luke 23:35 (NIV)

How many people are looking on?  Who is there that is observing what is happening?  Are even the leaders sneering at Jesus?  What is their theology?  Do they expect God to justify Himself?  Do they ask the Son of God to demonstrate His importance to us?  Do they themselves set the manner in which they think Jesus should prove that He Is indeed the Chosen One?  What is happening?  How do things get so mixed up?  Who put them in charge?  Who gave us the right to judge the workings of the Almighty?  Who gave us the authority to use our frail understandings?  Because we learned mathematics, science and philosophy, does that give us the power of jury over a Being we cannot even see?  Because we build amazing things and are capable of great cerebral feats, does that make us experts on the mysteries of God?  There were many there the day of Christ´s crucifixion who expected something different of Jesus.  Has anything changed?  Is there any difference in the hearts of men and women today?

Would we be able to say that few if any, truly understood what God was working on the day of Jesus´ sacrifice?  Although much more has been revealed to us today through history, stories and studies, would it be just like God to have far more for us to learn?  Does our God teach us that He has no limits?  Do we actually believe Him?  Or do we still think we know it all?  Do we look around us and think we got it all figured out?  Have we secretly tried to place limits upon the Lord?  Do we hold our hearts far from Jesus and expect Him to do something extraordinary for us to drop our proud positions?  Do we refuse to look for what He is working on out of confidence in our own powers of intelligence?

Or is there left anyone honest enough to say that they do not know just yet?  Could these be the ones who look to God in hope and in faith?  Are there people here today who hold the Lord up in their hearts in wonder and in awe?  Do we marvel after His works?  Are we perplexed and amazed when we see His mighty arm at work?  Are we thrilled and astounded each day as we discover new and incredible things about our God?  When we approach Him in worship, is it because our hearts are filled to overflowing with sentiments and praise for all He Is and all He has done?  When we bow to Him in prayer is it because we realize that we have not yet begun to understand and to know Him?  Do our hearts yearn to discover and draw close to the most amazing and powerful Entity that could ever exist?  Are we breathless because of an awakening awareness within us of the wisdom and might of a God without limits?

Dear Jesus, there were those who failed to see how You were at work to save our race.  People sneered and scoffed that God would work in ways they could not fathom.  Today we would like to break the pattern set by others.  We would like to stop our busy schedules.  We would like to look away in wonder at You.  What wonders have You got in store for us today?  What would You like to teach us?  Should we believe that there is still so much more we can learn?  Should we believe that our hearts will be thrilled to overflowing with the discoveries that You wish to lay upon us today?  Help us to drop our pride and confidence in our understandings.  Open us to the Wonder that You Are!  Let us be amazed, astounded, awed and breathless as we draw closer to understanding You we pray!


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