When Jesus Dies

for the sun stopped shining. And the curtain of the temple was torn in two.  Jesus called out with a loud voice, “Father, into your hands I commit my spirit.” When he had said this, he breathed his last.  Luke 23:45-46 (NIV)

Jesus is hanging on His cross.  We are all watching Him die.  Those who know and love Him are witnessing all that He must suffer.  Those condemned with Him are not in complete accord.  One defends Jesus while the other sneers.  Guards and leaders realize there is something important about this Man Jesus Christ.  Darkness falls over the whole land.  The veil of God´s temple is torn.  It is divided.  Jesus raises His voice and His words ring out.  He commits His Spirit into the hands of His Father in Heaven.  He takes His last breath.  Our Saviour dies.

Does Jesus have to die again each day?  The physical act was accomplished once long ago.  His sacrifice to save all our souls worked its saving grace.  Never again should the Son have to suffer death and separation from God the Father.  Now He sits at the right hand of the Almighty in His throne in Heaven.  He is alive and interceding for us now.  But is it possible that many are still making the Lord suffer rejection and death inside of our hearts?  Are we passing through dark times?  Is the brilliance of awareness of God hidden from us in this late hour?  Is their tearing and division within the church?  Are people standing back in their hearts just watching all that Jesus is made to suffer?  Where are those who care about Him?  Are we like the centurion who realizes the significance Jesus?  Are we like one of the criminals hanging on crosses next to Him?  Are we like the one who still refuses to take Jesus seriously?  Or are we like the one who hears Jesus say that we will truly be together with Him in paradise?

We may not need to make too much of what is happening in the world around us today.  But should we be taking serious just where our hearts are found?  How close are we observing the Lord right now?  Which vantage point do we hold?  Are we standing far from Him in our hearts?  Are we hanging right next to Him?  Do we see the significance of the moment?  Do we realize what His sacrifice means to us right now?  How is it affecting us today?  Are we hearing His voice?  What is He telling us?  Does it encourage us in our suffering?  Are we focusing on the darkness which has fallen over our times?  Is there division in our hearts?

The sacrifice of Jesus worked its miracle to pardon us from the separation we chose from God.  But what are we doing today to let His gift to us restore us to the Father?  Are the days in which we live dark and scary because we are not letting Him, His teaching and His sacrifice draw us closer to God in a very real way?  What are we experiencing deep in our spirit right now?  Is it separation and death?  Or do we sense a Presence?  Do we detect life, love and God?  Is Jesus dying in our lives?  Or is His salvation working its wonder and restoring us to Life on an eternal scale?  Are we brought into His Kingdom with Him?  Are we with God today?

Dear Jesus, thank You for Your sacrifice.  Thank You for paying for our leaving the will of God.  Help us feel the weight of Your gift to us.  Help it work its wonder to restore us to a real relationship with the Lord.  Help it open us to God!  Bring us to Him!  Restore us into His very Presence today!  Don´t let Your death and Your sacrifice lose any of its importance and effect upon us!  Part of You would be lost to us!  But rather open our eyes to all it should mean!  Then Your mission will be successful.  Let new life together with God today, be the proof that Your grace has saved us!


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