Know Jesus?

He came to Jesus at night and said, “Rabbi, we know you are a teacher who has come from God. For no one could perform the miraculous signs you are doing if God were not with him.”  John 3:2 (NIV)

Nicodemus sneaks a visit to Jesus at night.  He is from the Pharisees.  He is from the leaders of the people.  But he comes under the cover of darkness.  He comes with his questions.  But before they even get into any real discussion Nicodemus gives a little insight on something which we may all share.  He says that they know Jesus is from God.  He says we know the Son by His works.  He says that it is already known that Jesus is a Teacher sent to us from God.  Do we find this all a little strange?  How can people know so much about Jesus, but there are so few who go out of their way to come and meet Him?  How come the ones who do come to Him, have to do it in secret?

Is this still happening today?  Have people everywhere heard of Jesus Christ?  Are there churches filled with congregations who are in the know?  Have other nations heard?  Does society in general know?  But where are those who really want to find Jesus?  Who is out there that truly wants to know Him?  Where are the ones who actually approach Him?  Who is bringing their questions to Him?  Who is making sure they are getting into His very Presence?  Who comes to actually hear His voice?  Who is looking into His eyes, His face or wanting to know His heart?  Where are these kinds of sincere seekers?

What about us?  Have we heard of Him?  Do we know He comes to us from the Father?  Can we see His tie to God?  Have we seen His marvelous works around us?  Have we notice His movement in our world today?  Have we given the subject enough thought?  Has it moved us too?  Did we get so worked up about Him that we get out of our comfortable routines to seek His Presence?  Are we getting up off our beds?  Do we go out at night after the world has gone to sleep?  Do we go where we know we can find Him?  Do we bring to Him our concerns and the questions of our heart?  Do we come to Him to listen and to hear?  Do we come to find out what it is like to actually be in His Presence?  Do we make sure we know what it is to know Him personally?

Dear Jesus, there have been some who went out of their way to come to meet You.  Let it be said of us today.  We want to seek Your Presence right now.  Many may have a basic knowledge of Who You Are.  But we want to really stand in Your Presence!  We want to hear Your voice!  We want You to instruct us personally!  Open our ears!  Open our eyes!  Open our hearts.  We come to You!  We don´t want just to know about You!  We want to know You in the truest sense of the Word!  Teach us!  Show us!  Fill us!  Let us in, we pray! 



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