Born Again

In reply Jesus declared, “I tell you the truth, no one can see the kingdom of God unless he is born again. “  John 3:3 (NIV)

Here it is!  Jesus declares it!  He teaches an all-important part or our journey of faith!  He shows the religious leader who has come to ask of Him, that this process is necessary if we would come to God.  This giant step of faith is essential for the one true enough to him or herself, as to proceed in their search for the Divine.  We must see this effectuated within our lifetimes if we are to have any part with God or His eternal Kingdom.  Many religions have taken up the cry.  The Word of it has been spread to the nations.  For us living today, this is a familiar saying.  But does this mean that we have actually lived through it?  Have we already passed this all-important step?  Has it been accomplished in our lives?  Have we already gained access to the Promised Land?  Are we free to heave a sigh of relief and sit back to enjoy all the blessings of the Kingdom of God?

Could we come a little closer to the Answer, if we were to examine what Jesus was talking about when He says it?  Was He talking in physical terms?  Is He saying that our eyes will instantly be opened if we perform some certain act or make a statement?  Is He saying that being dipped in water will do the trick?  Is He saying that a firm conviction and a declaration will magically open the doors of Heaven?  Or could He be speaking of something deeper than actions, emotions or strong words?  Could Jesus be directing our attention to the soul?  Could He be going deeper than the flesh?  Could He be pointing us past our use of words?  Could He be referring to a change that takes place within the center core of our being?  Far past the level where we weigh our decisions, could Jesus be bringing us to the very nature of our heart?

Many of us Christians today would love to think that we have already undergone this new birth.  We love to think that because of decisions we have made or declarations, we are now already children of God´s Kingdom.  But if we are honest with ourselves and also to God, are we the ones who have the final say?  Or will we need to hear Jesus personally tell us whether or not our assumed transformation has taken place?  Should we seek His assurance that in fact we have been born again?  Are we content with seeing improvements in our way of life?  Are we happy with ourselves and our association with certain groups of people or denominations?  Or will we open ourselves to see if our very nature has been changed?  Will we accept scrutiny to see if the love of God is found within us?  Could we be deceiving ourselves by saying that we live for God´s kingdom?  Is there a possibility that we are still seeking the old goals and treasures of the formal world?  If we put ourselves in a balance, how much weight leans towards God´s goals and His Kingdom?  How much still leans towards our current home?

Dear Jesus, please spend some time with us today.  Let us examine our hearts.  Open our eyes to see where our hearts are leaning right now.  Have we truly woken up to a new birth?  Do we already live with the nature of God inside of us?  Or might we be going through the pains of labor still?  If there is still old nature living within us, help us to let go of it and not look back.  Help us to cast everything aside until we break through into that new birth!  Let us wake up to a New World and a New Kingdom where all is done for Your glory!  Let us wake up to life where our very nature is changed and the love of God flows strong and full through us!  We had the former life.  Give us life in You we pray! 


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