Of Water AND Spirit

Jesus answered, “I tell you the truth, no one can enter the kingdom of God unless he is born of water and the Spirit.’  John 3:5 (NIV)

Jesus is confiding secrets of great importance to an individual who has made an effort to get alone with Him and approach Him with his doubts.  Jesus steers attention towards a new birth.  Are we willing to join the man as he comes to the Lord?  Can we too step out of the stream of thought we have lived in for such a long time?  Is it time we come to a point where we are ready to listen to Jesus?  Would we actually like to hear His voice?  There are thousands of people who would jump at the chance to tell us what Jesus says.  But are we going to take their word for it?  Or will we be one of those few who have to hear it straight from the Lord?

If we have decided to take every opportunity to come closer to Him, then are we ready to study again all the points Jesus puts forward in His teachings?  Even if we have decided to follow Him years ago, can we pull in close behind Him now and listen with an open ear today?  What new wonderful discovery has He got in store for us right now?  As Jesus instructs Nicodemus, could our Saviour direct even us nearer to Him?  If we are not living every day in intense and special time with our Lord, than what are our lofty intentions really bringing us?  Shall we make the most of today?  Shall we try to find Jesus through His instruction?  Shall we open our ears, our hearts and our minds to let Him in where He can really reach us?  Shall we open our very souls so that this time spent with Him is meaningful, personal and productive?

As Jesus mentions a birth of water and Spirit, what do we immediately think of?  Do we find it hard to define Spirit?  Do we tend to lean more on the word water?  Is that because it is something we are more familiar with?  As we relate water to real living, do we look for something to tie it in with?  Do we normally come to Baptism?  But what about the other word?  Jesus states that the new birth is of water “AND” Spirit.  What do we normally do with that word?  Do we focus more on the one we can define?  Do we leave this word, Spirit, to the side?  Would Jesus have us do that?  Or should we think He want us to give Spirit just as much importance as the water?  But who can accurately describe Spirit?  Might our efforts fall short?  Would we need to lean harder upon our true Teacher if we would even try to go there?  Is it possible that this is what our Saviour wants?

As we struggle to see into the mysteries of God, do we find that more and more we are aware that we need Him in every instant?  Are being close to Him, and hearing His voice becoming more and more necessary to us all the time?  Do we find that to consider Him in all truth, we must first seek a special closeness?  Is prayer all the more vital?  If we find that just words, theories and doctrines are not enough, does our heart burn for a Presence?  Do we find that we are not right unless we are aware that God is near to us?  If so, then could we begin to recognize the work of Spirit within us?  Could something deeper and more meaningful be happening in our lives?  Could our hearts and souls be quickening to life from our interest in and need for Jesus Christ?  Is there something mysteriously beautiful about the Spirit bringing new life to us right now?

Dear Jesus, pull us near.  Let our hearts burn with desire to be so close to God, that we discover our mysterious pull to be the intelligent and comforting work of Spirit!  Raise us to new life in water AND Spirit today!



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