Wind Of Spirit

‘The wind blows wherever it pleases.  You hear its sound, but you cannot tell where it comes from or where it is going.  So it is with everyone born of the Spirit.”  John 3:8 (NIV)

Are we now in a place where we can hear the wind?  Can we take a second to stop and check?  Can we detect a sound?  Can we see what effect it is having around us?  Is it blowing leaves or the branches on trees?  Is it howling?  Is it still and quiet?  Which direction does it come from?  How much force or at what speed is it traveling?  How often are we consciously aware of what it is doing? Are these considerations we ever have in our daily lives?  Could the wind be one of the best examples we can find for our minds to comprehend the movement and Presence of the Spirit of God?

The person in our story came from a life of serious consideration of God.  He was a member of the Pharisees.  But he came in secret to learn some things from the Teacher.  As Jesus tries to lift his understanding and the eyes of his learner, can we try to lift our eyes too?  Does Jesus waste any time explaining Who or What the Spirit is?  Might He know that any attempt at full comprehension on our part would be futile?  Does He rather show it to be intelligent?  Is it an actual Power and Force?  Does it proceed from God?  Is it carrying out the will of the Father?  Is it working to draw us closer to Him?  Have we ever got the impression that its intentions were devious or selfish?  Or is the work of the Spirit to comfort, help and guide us all towards the best possible outcome for us?

As with most any other of our analogies for what things are like in the spiritual realm, would this analogy be merely a weak attempt as well?  Could God and His ways be infinitely higher still than our best attempt to imagine Him?  Could our God Be that big?  In the life of Jesus Christ, can we see Him working extremely hard to help us understand at least a part of what God and His Kingdom are like?  Is Jesus doing this with us right now?  If we were unaware of what the wind was doing until we took that moment to stop and ask ourselves a few questions about it, could we do the same thing with the Holy Spirit too?  Even though we may not be able to see or define this mysterious Spirit of God, could we be able to perceive some things about Him if we try?

Shall we take a moment right now?  Shall we pause and try to sense the Presence of the Spirit?  Like we did with the wind, can we sense what the It is working on now?  Have there been any coincidences which brought our attention to God lately?  What brought us to contemplate Him today?  Has there been any miraculous movement in our lives or in those of anybody close to us?  If we get real still and pray real hard, can we detect the strength and force that is moving around us now?  When we read the Bible, do the words come alive?  Can we sense this Force pressing upon us from the inside?  Even though we cannot see where it comes from, does the Spirit blow us closer to God?  Is it bringing us to Jesus?  Is it pushing us to know Him?  Does it want us to come into contact with our Saviour?  Are Jesus´ words howling in our ears?  Are they comforting?  Are they helping?  Do they teach us of wonderful and mysterious things?  Do they bring us to the very Presence of God?

Dear Jesus, let the Wind of Spirit blow in our direction today!  Send us the Holy Spirit in full force!  Sweep us away on its mysterious currents!  Whip us up and carry us along!  Let the Spirit bring us to the Lord now!  Let it be the strongest force in our lives, we pray!



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