Not Possible

“How can this be?” Nicodemus asked.  “You are Israel’s teacher,” said Jesus, “and do you not understand these things?  John 3:9-10 (NIV)

Just what have we learned of God?  Even if we look only at the Old Testament, what impression of Him do we get?  Is He powerful?  Is He wise?  Is He at work within the world He created?  When He does something, is it sure to surprise us and fill us with awe?  Is He constantly shepherding His people closer to understanding Him?  Would He have us near to Him in every way?  Is He seeking children who bow to Him in namesake only?  Or is He forever looking for special believers who realize that we are to approach God with our whole heart?  When He finds faith like that, does He overlook a world of insufficiency in those who turn to Him? Is He communicating always His intentions to us?  Is He asking us to lift our eyes towards Heaven?  Would He have us looking so intently at Him, that we would be willing to see all kinds of marvelous things?  Should we expect to see a miraculous God at work?

Jesus begins to tell Nicodemus that some transformation needs to happen within our hearts if we truly want to see God.  Nicodemus strains to comprehend.  How often do we do the same?  Jesus communicates to us that we cannot go on in life as we were before.  We must be born into Spirit.  A new life must be born inside of us.  We once were born into the physical world.  We were raised up to live in it.  We were children of this world.  Its goals were our goals.  Its pleasures were our pleasures.  Now Jesus tells us of a different kind of life.  He says we can be born to life in Spirit.  We can live for new goal.  We can move to a different power than our former world ran to.  We can have a new Spirit alive within us.  It can bring us before God.  It can show us the Wonder which is our God.

But what is our reaction?  Do we resist the thought?  Do we ask like Nicodemus, how this could be?  Do we struggle to see how it is possible?  Have we not heard that we should look up?  Should we not expect a God that we cannot see to move in mysterious ways?  Should we struggle to believe that He should be found deeper than the surface of our skin?  Should we already see that a new nature born into our souls must be experienced by any real seeker of God?  How can we say we believe in God if we do not even understand that He should be alive within us?  How long will we cling to the world around us?  How long will we trust only the logic we have learned here?

Could Jesus be using this moment today to draw our attention to the condition of our souls?  Might He be asking us to re-examine our own faith?  Where might we have lowered our faith in Him?  How might we have replaced spiritual importance with earthly?  Are we looking at the situations around us and wondering how this could be?  Are we struggling inside ourselves to see the Spiritual world come alive?  How can we call ourselves believers in God, if we don´t see past the limitations of our world?  Should we be expecting something wonderful, deep and meaningful to happen today?  Are we willing to give God credit for being able to live in our souls?  Are we going to let Him move in the deepest parts of our heart?

Dear Jesus, our souls may struggle to comprehend God.  But we have You.  You we can set our eyes on.  We can set our hearts on You!  Come near and teach us!  You can fill us with the Spirit of Truth!  We can be born to life in God who is Spirit.  Wonderful and amazing things can happen in our lives if You can give us faith!  Come!  Give the Spirit wings to fly in our lives today we pray!



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