Using Earthly Examples

‘I have spoken to you of earthly things and you do not believe; how then will you believe if I speak of heavenly things?’  John 3:12 (NIV)

Man approaches God and wonders.  We compare everything we are taught against what we know of how our world runs.  But is God found only through His creation?  Or is our natural world only a good example of His handiwork?  Can we look at the rocks and trees and say that we are looking at God?  Or are we seeing something beautiful that He has made?  No one in their right mind could argue that God must be an amazing Being through what we can see of His creation.  But how many times do we get puffed up and think we know what God like?  Is it like looking at an artist`s painting and thinking we know the artist because of his work?  The work may well demonstrate the skill and sentiment of the Artist.  But does it take time and actual experience to even begin to know Him personally?

The Word of God paints us an even more vivid picture than the environment which He created for us.  This time the artwork of the Lord is directed as an actual demonstration of what He is like.  We are given stories which explain by example what is going on in God´s great heart.  He lets us know what He is thinking and feeling.  The Bible becomes an indispensable tool for coming to know God.  But as a tool, should we remember that it serves a purpose?  Is it the end result?  Or is it what is used to bring us to the Result?  Are the words given to us so that we actually are brought before a living God?  Do we come into His Presence?  Should we come to be confided and personal acquaintances and engaged in a loving relationship?

Is this what we do?  Or do we struggle to relate everything God conveys to us with what we can already know how to grasp?  Why is it so hard for us to throw up our hands in surrender?  Why do we resist letting God be Who He says He is?  Why must we doubt that He can do what He says He can do?  Why must we drag our feet and refuse to believe when He tells us over and over again that the Spiritual Realm is much deeper than the superficial world we live in?  Why must we look always at the actions and reactions of those around us instead of looking beyond into what happens in the soul that spurs those kinds of results?  Why do we look at rituals or routines before we look at the overall leaning of the heart?  Why should we stand coldly back and trust theories instead of getting to know personally the intelligent Being we call God?  Why can we not use the teachings and earthly examples to place us in a better light which can enable us to look higher than all our squabbling?  When will we be able to gaze upwards in awe and contemplate a God without any limits of size, force, love or time?  When will we learn that the examples are not placed there to satisfy us end our questioning?  When will we see that those earthly scenes are painted to give our soul wings with which to soar high above to Spiritual Realm in which our God dwells?

 Dear Jesus, we take a step back now.  When you remind us that we struggle even with familiar examples, how will we ever understand the deep mysteries of God?  Please take this moment with us.  Hold our hand!  Guide us gently through personal experience that what we cannot see!  Let us live through each truth with You!  Walk us through each and every baby step until we can and will know the Lord!  Turn our education into a sweet time spent with You in Your Presence we pray!  With our hand in Yours and You by our side, You can lift us past the earthly example and up into the unlimited heights of knowing God!


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