The One From Heaven

‘No one has ever gone into heaven except the one who came from heaven – the Son of Man.’  John 3:13 (NIV)

What is so special about Jesus Christ?  So many people have so many different opinions.  Those who have come to know Him a little may have some wonderful points.  But surely there are also many people who have not found out what the fuss is all about.  Surely there are those who have not come into contact with Him or been close enough to Him to make an observation.  Some may even go to great lengths to withhold judgment or make light of the issue altogether.  If we were to open a discussion upon who Jesus is and what He means or should mean to us, would nearly everyone have something to say?  Would most people have a standard answer almost completely prepared for the occasion?  Could many of us spout off without hesitation our own personal version with much conviction?  But at the very same time, how often do we find a quiet moment and bring all these notions, opinions, feelings and beliefs before the Lord?  How often do we open the treasure-box of our soul while in the Presence of God?  How often do we go through a personal reencounter or take stock of all that we hold special together with Him?

Jesus is teaching man some important points of faith.  Nicodemus, like most of us, strains to follow Jesus as He hints towards larger and more mysterious points of the Spiritual World.  Jesus makes a distinction between our perceptions of our environment and the Divine Being Who brought it all into existence.   People from all ages have professed faith in God and His Kingdom.  But who do we normally look to for testimony?  Do we normally band together and gain strength from each other´s convictions?  Do we find other people who have gained our trust and let them help us shape our beliefs?  Or do we go right to the source?  What can be better than having a living Being Who has been there?  Who could possibly give testimony if they have not wandered the streets; (so-to-speak) of that wonderland we call Heaven?  Would their testimony be partial at best?  Would it take One Who actually went there, to give an accurate and worthy testimony?  Would the One sent from Heaven be the best and only true Witness of God and His Home?  Could the Son of God be the highest authority besides God Himself that we could possibly find?  Who else on earth could give us an accurate account of the love, character, and mercy of God?  Could Jesus Christ, the One sent from the Father, be the perfect bearer of News that God cares for us and goes to great lengths to bring us together?  Would He be the only confided Source which could perfectly demonstrate that love by carrying out His plan in redeeming us?

Before we all run off to throw ourselves into our busy routines, could we each take a moment to bring our impressions before the Lord?  Before we look to sharing them with another person, could we first talk them over with God?  Let us take a moment on our knees if we would, and lift our hearts in prayer.  Let us consider now in His Presence what He would share of Himself to those who go that far to find Him.  Let us see where He would place the weight of His gifts and His gestures towards us right now.  Then if we would, when we feel our hearts spoken to, could we write down what He is whispering to us there?  Do we sense a Presence with us as we approach Him?  Can we feel God in Heaven reaching out to us?  Does Jesus become essential to us?  Is His love felt?  What do we learn from the testimony of the One from Heaven right now?

Dear Jesus, impress upon our hearts now what You will of our Father and His love.  Break through the commotion of our noisy world.  Testify to us!  Please move in the quiet of our souls right now!



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