The Verdict

This is the verdict: Light has come into the world, but men loved darkness instead of light because their deeds were evil. John 3:19 (NIV)

Who is ruling deep within?  Where do our loyalties lie?  Could we secretly be condemning ourselves?  Do we love Jesus? Do we love God?  How can we tell?  Do we even care to know where our hearts are leaning right now?  Is there something within us that is tugging at us right now?  Is it the world?  What is it really that is calling to us?  Which voice are we listening to?  Would it have us run off and chase it?  Are our aspirations in this life winning our attention, or do we yearn for God?  Is the Son of God drawing us unto Him?  Is this where our hearts are burning to be?  Are we smitten with our love for God?  Does our love for Him move us to seek Him before all else?  Do we entrust our hearts unto Him?  Or do we turn more often than not, to our own priorities?  What is the verdict?  When the all evidence is taken in, what does it show?

Light came into the world.  It came unto us.  Jesus Christ brought us Light to see into the heart of the Father.  He illuminates God.  He testifies personally of what we should know of the love of God.  Light brings things into sight.  It gives us the ability to see.  The light of Jesus penetrates into the darkness of a world which cannot see God.  But now through His testimony, Jesus shows us what God´s intentions for us are.  He shows us that God wants us to be together with Him. He wants to be united with us in an intense and extremely real relationship.

Jesus brings us this Light.  With it we are no longer in the dark.  With Christ´s gentle illumination God comes into focus.  With Him the vision of our God begins to take form.  It is beautiful.  It is caring.  It is unfathomably immense.  It can more than fill us.  It can move us.  It can overwhelm us.  So what can we do?  What do we do?  Do we give way to these currents of Light?  Do open ourselves to the Light of the World?  Do we spend every spare moment we can find immersing ourselves in its glow? Do we let it show us all the mysteries of God?  Do we make every effort on our part to familiarize ourselves with the warmth He brings?  Do we revel in the Beauty that comes into sight?  Or do we prefer our darkness?  Would we rather not see?  Have we lived here so long now that we are comfortable not seeing into the wonders of God?  Are we happy to see only the familiar darkness of what we already have around us here?

Praise be to God that He sent us His Light!  Blessed are those who are not content with this darkness where we live!  Blessed are those few who would step into the Light of Jesus!  Blessed are those who realize that there is no way we will be able to contain all that will be revealed to us!  Blessed are they who will press forward into the light nonetheless!  It is for them that the vision of God will come into view!  It is for those blessed few who want to see God!  Is the hope of this vision of God, what reigns within our hearts?  How intense is our desire warming within us?  Is it really us who are seeking the Light?  What is the verdict?

Dear Jesus, come to us and bring us Your Light.  Show us the Wonder which Is our God!  Illuminate us and flood our vision with God!  Let us accept Your hand and step into the piercing brilliance of the Presence of the Lord today! 



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