Who Condemns Who?

Whoever believes in him is not condemned, but whoever does not believe stands condemned already because he has not believed in the name of God’s one and only Son.  John 3:18 (NIV)

Could our hearts be more devious than we would like to think they are?  We have all heard of a loving, caring God.  He has demonstrated His love and good wishes towards us.  He has spread the Word of His Presence and His will to be joined together with us.  He has given us the Bible as written demonstration of all that He has tried to teach us of Himself.  Then each and every individual at some point comes up to the point where they must decide what they will do with where they stand with God.  So what do we do?  What do most people do?  Do the majority of people choose to stand with all the cards in their hands?  Can even professed Christians say with our mouths that we look to God, but at the same time we are still retaining the right to say what we accept and won´t accept from the One who made us?  Do we struggle to lay down the control of our own hearts?  Do we prefer to be the one who decides where to look for our pleasure, our desires, and our aspirations?  Do we prefer to be the masters of our own lives?

God´s great Gift to mankind is the Son He says He sent unto us!  Christ is the greatest expression of God´s love and goodwill!  He is the Piece which ties us once again unto God.  He is what makes it possible for us to take advantage of the forgiveness of God!

So when we are told that we must believe in God´s Son, does this give us the opportunity to embrace God´s gift and be accepted into His arms?  Does it also give us the opportunity to refuse letting go of control?  Can our hearts still cling to all that we hold dear in our world?  Is this what we do most of the time?  Should choosing to believe in God´s Son mean that we actually listen to what He tells us?  Does Christ make a distinct line between loving our world and loving God?  If we are telling ourselves that we believe in Jesus, can we go on loving our lives, our possessions and the world around us?  What do we think is the true condition of our heart?  Is Jesus telling us to make more of God that the world we live in?  To believe in Him, should we also be living up to His encouragement?  Should we be making God first and foremost in our lives?  Are our hearts confirming our belief?  Or are our hearts condemning us right now?  Do we sense the need for a Saviour?  Should we drop to our knees and pray?

Dear Jesus, we have come to this.  We come to the issue of our belief in You.  Where do we stand right now?  Are our hearts betraying us?  Are we clinging to something other than You?  Are we turning our professed belief into a ritual act of declaration?  Is it merely a strong sentiment or a cold logical conclusion?  How can we be sure that our professed faith is real?  How can we know that we truly look to You?  Are we following the crowd?  Are we going through the motions?  Or has our belief in You sunk down into the center core of our being?  Do Your words penetrate us?  Do they move us in all that we do?  Are we directed to You in every moment?  Or are we secretly chasing the world under a disguise?  Forgive us if our hearts wander!  Save us from ourselves!  Forgive us if the world has gotten into our eyes!  Then bring us again to You we pray! 


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