Earthly or Heavenly?

“The one who comes from above is above all; the one who is from the earth belongs to the earth, and speaks as one from the earth. The one who comes from heaven is above all.  He testifies to what he has seen and heard, but no one accepts his testimony.  John 3:31-32 (NIV)

How often do we stop to consider the angle by which we judge all that we know?  We live in our surroundings and engage our lives by the way we perceive them.  We detect situations we are in. We read what is happening around us.  But no matter how important all the aspects of our lives are, they pertain primarily to who we are and where we are in that point of time.  The person next to us may be surrounded by the exact same situation, but living a completely different experience.

For example, high-school students may be in the same class and facing the same upcoming exam.  One student feels the pressure of studying to meet the expectations of parents or teacher.  Another student sitting right beside him or her is in the same situation.  But this second student perhaps is viewing things with different eyes.  They feel pressure, but it may be geared more towards their peers.  What will the other students think if I fail?  A third student may not experience any pressure at all.  This one is off in its own world focusing on cars, socializing, or what they will do after class.  All three students walk the same floors, but all three see their world through different eyes.

We may see our work, our relationships and even our religion in this same diverse manner.  But what do we have in common?  Are we all human beings?  Are we all using our brains and our experience to weigh all that we perceive?  Are we earthlings?  Are we using our earthly senses to detect and engage our surroundings and circumstances?  Do we have these things in common?  But what about when it comes to God?  How do we deal with Him?  Can we use our familiar senses to detect or prove Him?  We can try, but will it really make us know Him?  What are we using as material for which to compare?  What examples must we relate Him to?  Do all the resources we have come back to our earthly ones?  Do we fall into the old earthly ways to prove Him, explain Him or compare Him?  Do we think that a God worthy of being called God can be humbled and reduced to worldly-sized comparisons?  If the Heavens of Heavens cannot contain the Almighty God, then how on earth can we talk about Him with anything close to accuracy?

Then along comes Jesus!  Many before Him and many since have lifted their eyes above our world.  Many have attempted to give Him justice and raise our awareness.  But finally we find One sent from the Father!  Finally we have the Son to bring us testimony of the love and intentions of God!  Unlike all of us who speculate on God, could the One who is sent to us from the very Presence of God, be just what we need?  Does it spark our interest?  Does it make us come running to our knees?  Are we overcome with our desperate need to sit at His feet and soak in all that we can of our Father in Heaven?

Dear Jesus, we have heard the testimonies of people like John the Baptist.  They point to You.  They would have us look to You to show us the Father and bring us safely to His side.  You know Him.  You came to us from Him.  Please guide us now into a very personal and real understanding of the Great Spirit of God!  Where else can we go?  All our other attempts to approach Him are just earthly.  Help us accept Your testimony now.   You testify to what You have seen.  Your vision is clear.  You know what to show us of God today.  Teach us the mysteries of Heaven!  Bring us into the very Presence of God, we pray!



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