In The Son´s Hands

‘The Father loves the Son and has placed everything in his hands.’  John 3:35 (NIV)

Are we more or less content with what we´ve got?  Would we be happy enough if we just had a little more money or a better job?  Would life be pleasant for us if we just could get past a couple of minor hiccups or straighten out a few problems we are facing?  Do we go about our routines and through our days living them to the fullest that we possibly can?  Are there just so many aspects that we love about where we are and what we already have?  Do we have our social group?  Do we have a lot of conveniences?  Are there many ways in which we like to treat ourselves?  Is life just about the way we want it?  Do we pretty much already have it all?  Or do we want something more?

God loves His Son and has placed everything in His hands.  Those of us who believe in Jesus Christ are the ones who say we are here to receive something that He can give us.  But what does this mean to us?  Do we ever think about it? What is it that we come to Jesus for?  What does He have that we want?  Is it a cleaner more respected manner of living our daily life?  Is it to join a new family of friends or social club?  Do we come to Jesus to see if He can help us rid ourselves of our less favorable attitudes or habits?  Might we be trying to find Jesus not because we really expect to receive anything, but because someone else has told us that it is the thing to do?  Or is there a part deep inside of us that is empty without Him?  Do we come to Him out of desperation to find what we need to survive?  Do we seek Him for life itself?  Do we sense a need for finding forgiveness from straying from our Heavenly Father?  Are we looking for a new focus for our lives?  Are we tired of living for only ourselves?  Is there a giant need growing within us to know God?  Have we felt a pressure to actually make it into His Presence?  Is this what we come to Jesus for?

God transferred something over to His Son.  Whatever that is, it is now in the hands of Jesus.  Does this mean we will need to approach Him for it?  Does the Son now become essential to us?  Do we think we can just ask Him for it and He give it to us without our knowing Him or Him knowing us?  Or would we need to become His intimate friends if we were interested in sharing in it with Him?  Could this means that the concept of believing in Jesus is not a disassociated term?  Is it possible that those who say they believe must cling to more than a declaration?  Could it mean that for a person to really believe in Jesus Christ, they must draw near to Him?  Will they need to be in an intimate and confided relationship?  Will they need to pray a Person they have come to know and love?  Will they need to spend time with their Loved One?  Will they actually need to hear His voice?  Will they follow His leading wherever it may take them?  Will they make any sacrifice just to be like Him and please Him in every way?  Will they gladly leave behind all they loved before, just in the hopes of receiving a small piece of what is in His hands?

Dear Jesus, we come to You.  We hear You have something we may need.  Please impress upon our hearts just what that is.  Show us all that You have in Your hands.  Then build up a burning need within us to have just that!  Let us come insistently to know You and to be worthy followers so that we may receive!  Let us drop everything we had, in the hopes that You will give us what we really need!



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