Life Eternal

‘Whoever believes in the Son has eternal life, but whoever rejects the Son will not see life, for God’s wrath remains on him.”  John 3:36 (NIV)

Do we truly want to see Life?  If so, then what are we doing to be sure that it is ours?  Do we continue to live out our dreams here and our daily lives like we have always done?  Do we try to refine our current situation?  Do we try to hang out with people of higher moral standards?  Do we attend a church so that we will be affiliated with others who claim to believe as well?  Do we work on these and a few more external points and then convince ourselves that our professed belief in Christ is real?  Or do we think that this change from living one life to the other Life eternal should go much deeper?

Could it be possible that the Life that comes by believing in Jesus is not because of these external actions?  To truly believe in Christ, do we think we might have to let go of some of the former sentiments that our hearts went out to before?  Could believing in Christ mean that we listen to where He directs our attention?  If we are listening to Him and actually hearing Him, do we sense His urgency for us to look away from ourselves?  Do we find Him directing our attention not to us, but to God?  Can we continue believing He was sent to us to save us, but refuse to believe Him when He tells us that the center of attention in not us but God?

Do we think that the eternal Life that is found in Jesus is the same as our current one?  Is it the same except in the fact that it never ends?  Or do we find that the Scriptures are actually encouraging us to share something special and meaningful with the One we claim to adore?  Is it possible that all this talk of God is so that we are brought to Him in actual experience?  Are we brought into a relationship?  Is there a mutual bonding instead of a set of actions we can tick off of a list?  Could each discovery of Him be in moments shared and His Presence felt, instead of them being mental calculations or reasoning?  Could true Life, be what is experienced when we are found walking with a Being Who Is eternal?  Could our unending characteristic actually be that we are close to and engaging with a God Who lives forever?  Could Life eternal be to actually know the Lord?  Is this what we mean when we say that we believe in God´s own Son?

If we are committed this deeply to seeking a loving relationship with our Lord and Saviour, than does our current life take on a whole new purpose?  Does our going to church become an opportunity to find God there?  Instead of making it into habit we have, does it turn into a perfect moment to join others in worshipping God?  Do our friendships too change?  Instead of shunning those who don´t believe, do we embrace anyone who may already have or could benefit from a personal walk with the Lord?  Do our goals also change from earthly gains and comforts, and begin to set on and long for more outpouring of the Presence of God?  Do we find that believing in Jesus has brought love into our lives?  Is it this close and loving walk with the Lord that is bringing new and eternal life to us?

Dear Lord, we hear of a different Life.  To us it sounds far greater than these few years we live out here.  Please impress upon us what You would want us to know about a Life with You.  But let us set a desire, not on living without the fear of death, but with the joy of being with You!  Thrill our hearts to know that Life eternal could be an unending whirlwind of discovering You each day for all eternity!  Let our belief in You bring us this hope in Life!



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