Jesus´ Food

But he said to them, “I have food to eat that you know nothing about.”  Then his disciples said to each other, “Could someone have brought him food?  John 4:32-33 (NIV)

Must it be through tedious repetition that we learn anything true about Jesus?  Do we really need to be hit again and again with the same concept before it begins to dawn upon us?  How many times do people approach Jesus with an issue, but when Jesus opens His mouth to speak, He shows them they are looking in the wrong direction?  Here is another fine example of people mistaking the direction and workings of God.  The Disciples show up on the scene and find Jesus talking to a woman.  They know Jesus should be hungry and would need to eat some food.  Any human must eat to live.  It is just a fact of life, right?  But the response they get from Jesus leads us in a completely different direction.  As we focus upon the earthly needs, we forget the Heavenly ones.  Jesus gave us many instructions to direct us, but He also gave us a perfect example to follow.  If we would truly like to find and follow Him, can we afford to overlook such an important part of the Kingdom of God?

We must eat.  There is no way of getting around that.  But what are we putting first?  We also need to feed off of our relationship with God.  Which is more important in the long run?  Do we have this figured out yet?  Is it more important to stay alive for today?  Or is it more important to have a health that will go beyond today, tomorrow and the grave?  Do we need earthly strength?  Or do we need to seek a strength that has the possibility of taking us so much further into eternity?  We tend in our weakness to focus on the temporary.  We tend to look there first.  We are so stubborn at latching on to the here and now.  We forget that we are not playing a game for today alone.  We are right in the middle of a struggle over the ownership of our souls.  These souls have the possibility to be found eternally in God.  Shouldn´t this be the first and most pressing issue of today?  If we can find strength in our closeness to the Lord right here and right now, will that assure us that there will be a tomorrow?  Once we are safe and secure in the arms of God, then will we be free to fill our stomachs with earthly food?  Have we got everything all backwards?  Are we like the disciples who forget that God is at work here?  Are we focusing on our all-too-important earthly issues?  Or are we looking to see His hand moving and focusing on how close we are to Him?

When we approach Jesus today, how do we think we should do that?  Do we think we can come to Him with preconceived ideas?  Or should we approach Him with the eyes of our soul open?  Should we look to Him to see not only the earthly work is being done, but to be amazed by where He is working in Heavenly terms?  Could we look past the food, the people, and the situations that we see?  Could we go first to God?  Could we ask for a food that we don´t quite yet understand?  Could we hunger for Him?  Could we find the best food for our lives today?

Dear Jesus, Please give us this food that we do not see!  Feed us with a bread that is eternal.  If we can open our hearts to Your gentle instruction today, our earthly lives may be so much easier.  If we can look past our world and focus our entire beings upon You, the things of God may become clearer to us.  We will see how feeding from God will give us strength for today and an eternity of tomorrows!  Open our hearts and fill them with hunger for more of You!



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