What Food?

“My food,” said Jesus, “is to do the will of him who sent me and to finish his work.’  John 4:34 (NIV)

They offer Jesus some food.  He´s got to be hungry.  But He doesn´t accept it.  Instead Christ tells them that He is fed by Something they don´t seem aware of.  He says He finds His nourishment by doing God´s will.  Is He sharing a secret for our lives too?  Is He telling us of how we could be?  Could we seek to be filled and strengthened by this same wonderful Nourishment as Jesus was?  Could it work the same wonders in our lives as it did for our Saviour?  Could this same sincerity and dedication to being in God´s will, activate a super-natural Energy within us?  Could it move us too in a powerful Way?

Jesus came to us from God.  He came on a mission.  He came to accomplish a great feat.  He came to make a Way for man to return unto God.  He came to pay for our sin and separation.  He came to tell us the wonderful truth of our Lord.  He came to tell us that God is not something distant.  He came to tell us that God is near.  He came to tell us that God can and should be experienced by all in the truest and most intimate sense.  Throughout the life of Jesus on earth he never deterred from His mission.  He never took His eyes off the Father.  He never lost the Heavenly Vision.  He never strayed from the will of God.  This entire focus of His whole life, attention, and efforts brought Him together with God in a miraculously powerful Way.  He shared not only this work but He left us His example.  Did He ever talk like this Strength and this Nourishment was reserved only for Him?  Or did He encourage us at every turn, to seek power and strength from Above?  By being our Teacher, our Guide, and our Example, has Jesus now become our Way to receive this kind of Nourishment?  Does He stand today as the One Who can make sure that we receive this Food of seeking the Will of God?

Is this Food something other than a strong tie with the Lord?  Should we say that it is removed from Him?  Would it be a system of actions?  Would it be a firmly held ideal?  Or is it a vibrant and engaging relationship?  Is it a daily transaction?  Is it like a mother caringly spooning food to her dear child?  Is it our Father showing us and feeding us daily what He has for us?  Is it us looking upwards to Him to be filled?  Is it being so close to Him that we know in each moment what His wishes for us are?  Is it being so tuned to His movements and His cares that we see what He has on our plate right now?

Dear Jesus, we ask as small children for this nourishment You speak of.  What fed You on earth is what we need too.  Please give those of us who ask, this blessed food today!  Let us receive a strength and filling from above.  Our earthly food may fill our bellies.  We may even get fat.  But this nourishment that You have to give may make us truly strong.  We can be the healthiest of children if we can feed from You!  As we look to You, give us this food we don´t know of!  Open our hearts to understand it.  Fill us, satisfy us and strengthen us as we receive or portion of food today!  Feed us we pray with the joy of doing the Father´s will so that His work can be done in us!



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