What Will It Take?

“Unless you people see miraculous signs and wonders,” Jesus told him, “you will never believe.”  John 4:48 (NIV)

A man is driven in his desperation and his love for his child.  He comes to Jesus for help.  He journeys to where he will find Jesus.  He begs the Teacher for healing.  Jesus hears the man´s plea.  He knows that the man is dealing with a painful situation.  But can Jesus see past this man´s trying time?  Can He see where the man´s heart is?  Can the Saviour see beyond temporary illness?  Can He see past our short time to live?  Does He look right past all that and see if a person truly believes?  Jesus has compassion on the man in the story.  The man goes home to find that the fever left his son at the same time that Jesus said it would.  Is he relieved?  Is he filled with joy?  More importantly still, is he now able to believe in Jesus Christ?  The man´s son is saved, but not only saved from a serious illness.  He and his whole family are free now to believe in Jesus.  It took a grave situation.  It took a miracle from God.  It took a sign and wonder from above for this family to receive their faith in Christ.  What will it take for us?

Where are we in this big picture?  Can we say we truly believe?  What has the Saviour done for us?  Has it dawned upon us?  Is it looming before our conscious?  Does it stand out over all that we see?  Has the weight of His sacrifice, His teaching and His example moved us today?  Jesus points men to God.  He has become our Way to return to our Father.  He has worked hard to make this an actual goal of ours.  He wants us to make this our mission.  He asks us to make it real.  Have we settled for something less?  Are we comfortable with our lives?  Are we happy with our routines?  What will it take for us to come to the realization of Jesus and His encouragement?  When will we truly believe what He is telling us today?  Are we going to hold out for some extraordinary sign?  Or are we going to open ourselves to hear His voice?  Are we going to start seeing what He already has done?  Just when will it all dawn upon us?

Jesus had compassion.  He healed the man´s son.  He will do wonders for us too.  But we are going to have to start trusting in Him.  We are going to have to start believing in the words He tells us.  Should we pray that He open our eyes to all that He has done?  Shall we pray that we stop accepting less than the actual Presence of the Divine?  Shall we start taking our Saviour seriously when He herds us towards a real encounter with God?  Shall we do something about it now?  What will it take?

Dear Jesus, we pray to You today.  Like the man who came asking for Your healing for His boy.  Save us too!  Save us from our illness.  We are sick and hardly realize it.  We are painfully far from our God.  This is our disease.  Lead us to His side.  Cover our inadequacies.  Pardon our treason.  Let us start believing in You for all these things!  Let us start believing that You are here to see it happen right now in our lives!  Let the sign and wonder that You show us today, be the healing effect of Your Presence!  Let us believe this much in You!  Let us believe so honestly, that we are truly ushered into a warm and direct contact with our God!  Let us not rest until we experience it for ourselves!  Let us come to this Presence now!  In Your name we pray!



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