When We Know

They said to the woman, “We no longer believe just because of what you said; now we have heard for ourselves, and we know that this man really is the Savior of the world.”  John 4:42 (NIV)

When is it that we really know who Jesus Is?  People came to see Jesus from the Samaritan town because of the testimony of a woman.  They were moved enough to set out to find Him and hear Him themselves.  They got themselves into His Presence personally.  When they were there, they heard His words.  They listened to His voice.  They looked to see His face.  He spoke to them.  He taught them.  They let His words flood over them.  They saw the expressions written on His face.  Could they read the compassion He held for them?  Could they see His sincerity?  Did there time in His Presence tell them what they needed to know?  Was it then that they were able to make a judgment call?  Was it then that they knew?  Was it then that they began to realize what Christ can mean to us?

Do we enjoy listening to the testimony of another person?  Although it can be highly motivating, can it ever substitute for getting off of our comfortable chairs?  No matter how uplifting what someone tells us, should their words always serve to get us into action?  Should we always make an effort to get ourselves into His Presence?  Should we go to Jesus personally?  Shall we actually try to see His face?  Shall we try to hear directly from Him?  Should we make it our mission to hear His voice?  Will we need to take to Him everything that is impressed upon our hearts so that He can direct us personally?  Is it there where we will find what we are looking for?  Is it there where we will truly know?

Perhaps it is time right now for us to let ourselves be moved into action again.  Perhaps we could all gain some special knowledge of Him if we use these testimonies from others to spur us into personal contact with the Lord.  Could we all stand to be closer to Him?  Could we each gain some special new awareness if we could get to where He is?  If we can share a special moment of bonding with our Saviour, would we reach further enlightenment?  Would the blessings and wonders of God come into clearer view?  Would we be more able to see His movements?  Would we be better able to say that we know Him too?

Dear Jesus, we would like to approach You right now.  We would like to get into Your Presence.  We would like to spend a little quality time with You.  There in Your Presence, help us to hear directly from You.  Let us HEAR Your words!  Let us gaze upon You!  Let us experience the wonder, the bliss, the blessed joy of being personally in Your company!  Then we too will be able to say we know Who You Are!  Then is when we will know what You can mean to us!  Then we will know, not because somebody told us.  We will know because we learned it there with You!  Let us come!  Open our hearts!  Open our eyes and our ears!  Let us truly get to know You today!



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