Honor Jesus?

‘that all may honor the Son just as they honor the Father. He who does not honor the Son does not honor the Father, who sent him.’  John 5;23 (NIV)

Do we ask why we should honor Jesus Christ?  Are there some who question whether or not it is necessary?  Are there people out there who recognize that there is something special about Jesus, but wonder if we really need to make a big deal over Him?  Are we one of those kinds of people?  Are we one of those kinds of Christian who say we accept Jesus as our personal Saviour, but lack any true urgency to get to know Him real well?  Can we plod along through life with our loosely held ideals or notions?  Do we let time slip by without ever really coming up against just how close our relationship is to the Son of God?

It might be a nice trick of our earthly heart to say that all is taken care of already.  I would be great to say that once we made a decision, Jesus is ours for all eternity and no further effort is necessary.  But unfortunately this is not the nature of the beast.  Nor is it the way of the world we live in.  There are far too many complications.  There are too many distractions.  Too many shady intentions would like to rob us of an eternity of bliss inside the embrace of our Lord.  We can be sure that until we are all gathered in God´s glorious Presence, Jesus´ work is not yet done.  His significance to us is not diminished.  Our need for Him as a guide, a ransom and a friend is in no way reduced.

What then of us today?  Where do we stand right now?  Whether we have made a great commitment, or whether we have never approached Christ before, should we all make a fresh effort to come to Him now?  Should we make Him more important in our lives?  Or is a little of Him going to be enough?  Can we stand at a distance and say that we agree to all His teachings?  Or would we need to get into action and actually see His instructions being followed out in our daily lives?  Can we sense a burning need to be so close to Him that His view of and His dependence on God are taken as our own?  Could we honor Him that much?

We could tell ourselves all kinds of fancy stories.  We could try to say we honor God on our own.  But will the words of Jesus forever bring us to the test?  He testifies that those who do not honor the Son do not honor God.  Could it be any clearer?  What do we think?  Where should our hearts lean now?  Who can we hold on to, that will assure us of being on the right track?  Who will hold our hand as we walk through the difficult times we face?

Dear Jesus, please take our hand right now.  Lead us gently forward unto You.  Do not let us hesitate or slow Your wishes from being carried out in us today!  Bring us ever nearer in Spirit.  As we draw near to You, let us know that we are pleasing the Father.  Let Him shower us with blessed approval for choosing to know You, to walk with You and to love You!  Let the awareness of His joy be apparent.  Shower us with the Holy Spirit as we reach soaring heights of bliss in our loving relationship with You today!



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