Don´t See God?

‘And the Father who sent me has himself testified concerning me. You have never heard his voice nor seen his form, nor does his word dwell in you, for you do not believe the one he sent.’  John 5:37-38 (NIV)

Who feels good about themselves?  Who has it all together?  Who is satisfied and proud of their faith?  Who has all they need of God?

Have we ever seen God?  Do we hear His voice?  Are His words moving inside of us?  Are we overpowered by an unseen force that wells up within and affects all the areas of our life?

Jesus mentions that some will struggle or be unable to know God and what He is up to.  But why is it that they cannot approach the Lord?  He says it is because they don´t believe the One God sent.  They don´t believe God´s testimony of His Gift to us.  They don´t believe His Son.  If they believed, they would go to Him.  If they listened to Jesus, they would be able to have His words living in them.  If they looked to Christ, they would be looking towards God.

But what does it mean to believe?  Is it a sensation that we can provoke?  Is it a deduction of facts that we are able to work out in our heads?  Or does it work in a contrary manner?  To convince ourselves of something, we compile information.  We use our intelligence to weigh all that we find.  We reach a conclusion by accumulation sufficient proof on one side or the other.  But with faith, does it work differently?  To believe, do we come to a conclusion far before the proof is offered?  With faith do we look to the One conveying the ideas to us?  Do we believe Him even before we try to weigh all the possible variables?  Do we believe in God, not because we have seen Him or heard Him?  Do we believe in Jesus because He was sent to bring us to God?

For those who struggle to comprehend or detect God, would they have more success if they stopped trying to deduce Him?  Could their efforts have greater effect if they surrendered?  If they gave up trying to convince themselves and just put their faith in God, would they finally start finding Him?  If we could drop our habit of trying to prove God and just believed what He tells us, would we finally start to see what He is up to?  Would we finally hear His words?  Jesus shares with us the importance of the Son.  He ties us together with Him.  He lets us know that through this Christ, we come close to God.  It is through Him that we can finally be with the Lord.  And it is by believing, not by proof.  It is through hope, not by clever brainwork.  It is by faith, not by forced convincing.

Would we like to lift our faith to a new level?  Would we like to enter a new era where the power of God was moving powerfully all around us?  Would we like to hear the voice of God today?  Would we love to be able to gaze upon Him?  Perhaps it is time to lay down our frustrating efforts.  Perhaps we could drop our important opinions.  Perhaps today we could leave all of that and rest our faith in Jesus Christ.  Could we look away from ourselves and to the Son?  Could we set our hope and hearts on Him?  Could we concede to Him the privilege to show us all we need to know of the Father?  Could we finally start hearing His voice?  Could we finally start gazing at the Lord?

Dear Jesus, thank You for sharing the treasures and secrets of Heaven with us.  We want to see God.  If looking to You will sharpen our vision of God, then strengthen our gaze on You!  Let us trust You more!  Focus the eyes of our hearts completely on You!  Let all else fade.  The harder we look to You, the more faith we will have, the clearer our sight of God will become.  Enable us!  Teach us!  Help us now we pray!



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