The Work Of Jesus

“I have testimony weightier than that of John. For the very work that the Father has given me to finish, and which I am doing, testifies that the Father has sent me.’  John 5:36 (NIV)

Jesus is on the spot.  He is forced to expose where the hearts are of those who oppose Him.  He is forced to show in words Who He looks to for approval.  He compares it to who we turn to for approval.  We tend to turn to each other or ourselves.  But Jesus explains that His approval holds a greater weight than that of men because of the work He was sent to do.  It is this work which that proves the Father sent Him.  It is this work that Jesus is carrying out which speaks of His heritage and His lofty mission.  It is the work of Jesus which proves we should all drop what we formerly believed and come to Him.  But what exactly is this work?

Have we taken the time to examine the question for ourselves?  Have we worked it out with our Lord?  Have we gotten down on our knees and asked for enlightenment on what Jesus has to do with us?  Have we gone to God to see why Jesus is important to us now?  Do we know what the work of Jesus is?  What did He come to do?  What can He still do?  If we haven´t got a clear picture of the working of Jesus, then how can He be an intricate part of our lives?  If we don´t know what He is doing for us, then why do we even call ourselves Christians?  Why do we even bother toying with religion?

God!  Does it all come back to God?  Do all our answers always bring us back to God?  To get any definite answers do we return again to the Source of all things?  Jesus came on a mission.  There were many things that Jesus accomplished through His ministry and His sacrifice.  The price He paid for our race´s treason and separation from God is too huge for us yet to comprehend.  But even that act was part of a larger work which spans more that His lifetime here on earth.  The work of Jesus began far before He was born.  The work of Jesus has not yet finished.  Is the work of Jesus to bring mankind together with our God?  Is it Jesus´ mission in life to restore us to the Father?  Is He still working now to bring us together?  Was He always pointing us to God?  Has He forever tried to get us past our barriers and into the very Presence of the Divine?

Is it time for us all to consider for ourselves what work Jesus is doing in our lives?  He paid an immense sacrifice to save us.  He gave us careful and heart-felt instruction.  Is the work He has done and is doing, having an effect inside of us now?  How is He working in our heart today?  Is He bringing us before God?  Can we feel the weight of His work?  Is He moving in our lives?  Is His work bringing any fruit?  Are we realizing more and more every day how vital that work is for us?  Are we endeared more and more to Him?  Do we just want to embrace Him now and thank Him for His work in us today?  Is our gratitude overwhelming us right now because we see Him working in us?  Are we thankful because Jesus is actually bringing us to God?  Are we thrilled at the work of Jesus?

Dear Jesus, thank You for never ceasing to work.  Thank You for all that You have done.  We may never guess at all that this may encompass, but we thank You nonetheless.  Please impress upon us today the size and importance the work You do holds for us.  Please let the significance move us now.  Bring us to the Father!  Bring us to God today!  Let our hearts soar because of the work You do in our lives!  Let it bring a bountiful harvest! 




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