Who Accuses Us?

“But do not think I will accuse you before the Father. Your accuser is Moses, on whom your hopes are set.’  John 5:45 (NIV)

People come to believe many things.  We reach our conclusions from the information offered to us.  We set our hopes on something.  It may seem harmless.  But should it be of utmost importance for us to know just What we put our hopes on?  Should it be essential to our faith to actually make sure we know Who or What we are hoping for?  Could our religion build up around whatever it is that we are setting our hearts on?  Could our lives reflect whatever it is that we want to see happen?  Could the very person we are today be directly influenced by whatever it is that we put at the center of our soul?  Could whatever it is that we direct our attention to have everlasting repercussions?  Could where we set our hope be what will accuse us one day when we do come before the Father to give account?  What is it going to be that accuses us, when we stand before the judgment God?

Those who belittle Jesus are doing so because they have their religion all wrapped up in a neat little package.  Those who came to oppose Him stood on very strong texts in the Bible.  They were not ignorant people.  Were they just misdirected?  They had studied hard.  They struggled to the top of their religious institute.  They were busy-bees of their church.  But for all their zeal, were they missing a very important point in the larger scheme of things?  Had they lost sight of their Center?  Did they accept a lesser goal?  Do we?

Jesus points us to God the Father.  He directs us to Him in honesty.  He wants us to actually come to know Him.  He worked very hard to show us it needed to be personal.  It needs to be done in actuality.  Christ gave His own life so that we could enter into a relationship with God!  He did everything so that we could come into the very Presence of God!  He did it so that we could start drawing near now and stay there with Him forever!

Do we think that by setting our hope on our favorite texts we will be saved?  Do we think that a finer way of living is going to do the trick?  Do we think that it is our superior understanding of the Bible that will give us hope on that great up-coming day?  When we stand before God and give account for where our heart was all this time, what will we say?  When all is exposed, will hope in our doctrines save us?  Will it be Moses or the prophets who will excuse our shortcomings?  Have we placed our hope in those texts they wrote?  Or have we gone the extra mile?  Have we actively pressed forward in a real attempt to bring ourselves into the Presence of God?  Are we making an effort to know Him personally?  Are we doing it now?  What are we doing to come to know Him and walk with Him each moment?  What are we doing today to draw near to the Son He sent to save us?  Who will accuse or excuse us when we are questioned?  Who will we set our hopes on now while there is still time?

Dear Jesus, our prayer today is that You help us center ourselves on God.  Let no tradition, no ritual, no text, and no fine theory rob us of our time with Him.  Let us come into His Presence!  Let us worship Him there!  Let us gaze on His countenance!  Let us contemplate His glory!  Most of all, make it personal!  Make it real!  Give us a real Person on the other end of this relationship!  Give us a walk with the Lord!  Then our efforts will be cleansed.  Then we will have no one left to accuse us, when all our hope and all our desire are spent only on the One we strive to be with! 


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