Our Test Of Faith

When Jesus looked up and saw a great crowd coming toward him, he said to Philip, “Where shall we buy bread for these people to eat?”  He asked this only to test him, for he already had in mind what he was going to do.  John 6:5-6 (NIV)

People come to see and know Jesus.  They come to hear His instruction.  They come to find out what He is all about.  With Him are those who follow Him.  With Him are those who love Him.  Jesus turns to one individual and asks him a silly question.  He makes His follower confront an issue.  He asks Philip respond to an almost impossible predicament.  There is a need.  It is a sizable situation.  There are many souls to feed.  He asks where we will come up with enough money to provide for all.  But this is just a test.  Jesus already knew what He is going to do.  Is this what Jesus is like?  Does this happen all the time?  Does He lead us all into similar situations each day?

The situations we face in life put us to the test.  Do we look up and see the impossible scene approaching us?  Do we wonder where we will ever come up with enough money?  Where will we find enough resources to fill the need?  How will we make ends meet on the salary that we earn?  How can we face such odds?  Just as Jesus questioned Philip, do we find Him questioning us each day?  Does Jesus want to see how we will react?  What is our reaction to these situations we face?  Are they just as impossible odds as the crowds that Philip was asked to feed?  Where do we look?  What do we say?  How do we respond to Jesus each day as we come to our tests of faith?

If we look at the story, Philip didn´t really need to have the answer.  He was standing right next to Jesus.  Jesus already knew what He was going to do.  All Philip needed to do was admit that the odds were overwhelming.  All He needed to do is turn to Jesus.  All He needed to do was believe.  He only needed to turn his attention and his faith towards the Lord.  Jesus has His plan.  Is Jesus putting us to the test?  Does He want to see where we will turn?  He may need to work a miracle.  The odds might be that great.  But if our faith, our hope, our attention is turned to Him, can we pass our test of faith?  If we turn to Jesus, may we too see amazing things?

Dear Jesus, please could You look to our situation with us today?  We see the odds stacking up against us.  We see the crowds of problems coming towards us.  Are You asking us now how we will be able to work the impossible?  Are You putting us to the test?  Please help us pass.  Give us the strength, the faith and the wisdom to turn ourselves to You.  When we see the unbelievable odds, let us turn humbly to You.  Let us watch and be amazed!  Let us see You at work in our lives!  Let the size of the miracle we will witness depend on the amount of credit we give to You!  You can do things that will blow our minds!  Let us pass our test and give You the chance to work miracles today!



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