Spiritual Left-Overs

When they had all had enough to eat, he said to his disciples, “Gather the pieces that are left over. Let nothing be wasted.”  So they gathered them and filled twelve baskets with the pieces of the five barley loaves left over by those who had eaten.  John 6:12-13 (NIV)

As if feeding more than five thousand people from only a couple of fish and some bread were not enough, Jesus sends out His followers to collect what was left over.  They filled twelve baskets.  That child´s lunch is turned into a substantial supply.  What a miracle!  But are miracles performed merely as a way to get us out of a situation?  Or are miracles poured out for us to take note of the wonder of God?  Are they expressions of the Divine?  Are they moments where we are given the opportunity to witness the great love, compassion and power of our Lord?  Is this why Jesus sends people out to gather in the extra pieces?  Is this for us too?  Should we take note?  Is our Saviour sharing a special secret God?  Is He blessing us with the knowledge that when He moves there is always more than enough grace to go around?  Is He letting us know that even what seems to be surplus, has not escaped His wisdom and planning?  Does even what is left over mean something to Him and fits into His great plan to bring us all together?

“Let nothing be wasted,” Jesus says.  Can we feel His concern?  As is usually the case, do we see Christ looking past the physical world?  Is He drawing our attention not only to pieces of bread and fish?  Is our Saviour constantly focused on what God is up to?  Is He consistently pointing us to the hearts and souls of men and bringing us to His Father?  Is He always working on a higher level?  Is He working out an eternal goal and plan?  If we let Him lead us past the physical items, could we be assured of being recipients of this eternal supply?  If we come close enough to Jesus, could we witness the baskets of spiritual left-overs that are gathered in each day?

The smallest teaching of Jesus is more than capable of feeding many people.  The tiniest amount of time spent on our knees with Him can fill us all.  Even a little of His love and His grace can go around.  It still brings in plenty that is left over.  Do we want to experience this kind of miracle today?  Do we like to see all that is brought in to the Lord?  If we open our hearts to Him now, what mighty miracle could we witness in our lives?  Could Jesus be saying those words again?  Could He be telling us not to let anything be wasted?  Should we join in and collect basketfuls of blessings?  Will more wonders of Jesus gather souls in close to God?  Is it thrilling to witness this miracle work of the Lord?  Or are His left-overs wasted on us?

Dear Jesus, we can only guess at the wonders that may lie ahead for us to see.  But being near You opens us to see miraculous things.  Please prepare us to be pleasantly surprised.  Prepare us to see wonders of the Spirit.  Do not let us rest with only the physical and simple interpretation.  Open us to be blown away by all that is gathered in from even Your smallest spiritual work.  Open us to see loads of left-overs of Your work in our lives!  Open us to see how You care for the children of God You came to save!  Open us to see how You never stop working to bring us all to the Father!



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