Jesus then took the loaves, gave thanks, and distributed to those who were seated as much as they wanted. He did the same with the fish.  John 6:11 (NIV)

Nobody else has ever done it.  Nobody else could.  This Man Jesus, calmly and quietly tell His Disciples to sit the multitude down.  He takes the small loaves of bread and the two small fish and gives thanks to God.  Then He breaks them up in pieces to serve to all those people!  Little became much!  A great host of people is fed from one small meal.  Amazing?  Incredible?

Is there something special in the Way Jesus performs His awesome miracles?  Is there a peaceful control to the manner in which He works?  Can we see complete harmony?  Is there authority and confidence?  Does it appear that God has shown Jesus just what the outcome will be even before setting out to perform anything?  Does it look like Jesus knows just what to do and when?  Does it seem that He is connected perfectly to the Source of all power and wisdom?  Can we see that the power of the Almighty God flows through His Son?  Can we see that the impossible is possible for Him?  Can we see that the God Who Is and Does amazing things is found in Him?  Are we able to see that the miraculous power of God is just one wonderful quality of our Lord?  Can we make the correlation between mighty acts and our Saviour Jesus Christ?  Do we see that by looking at Him, we can expect to be amazed?  By looking to Jesus can we count on being thrilled and surprised?  By opening ourselves to His power, will we be sure to see miracles happen in our lives?

No matter how clever we may feel, do we all have to admit that Jesus Himself is simply a remarkable improbability?  When we contemplate Jesus, must we all throw up our hands and agree that God has performed the impossible?  Is it just out of our ability to comprehend how God could come to us in flesh?  How could Immortal become Mortal?  How could a Man be born of a virgin?  How could Deity be so humbled as to be wrapped in swaddling clothes and placed in a manger?  How could a Man walk on water?  How could a human turn water into wine?  Could the greatest miracle of all, Be Jesus Himself?  Could everything about Him Be more than we can comprehend?

It may be more than most people are willing to accept.  But could drawing near to Jesus be one of the most amazing things that any one of us could ever possibly do?  Would it be a miracle that He could be sought out and found by mere mortals?  Could the amazing power of Jesus still be working today?  Could we all experience the miracle of Him, if we truly choose to seek Him?  Could we still experience the Miracle and power of God right now?  Could we watch the Heavens part and the power of God unleashed before our eyes by receiving Him as our Saviour?  Could He work His mighty works in our life today?  Could we experience Him?  Would that be a miracle?  Is it the one miracle we would like to be amazed with now?

Dear Jesus, the stories of You amaze us.  Everything we have ever learned of You is wonderful and thrilling.  Thank You for showing us so much of the incredible love and power of God.  Thank You for performing so many marvelous things.  Thank You for opening our eyes and our hearts to the miracle that You Are!  Now let us be bold and ask for one more Miracle.  Let us ask for the miracle of knowing You!  Let us be amazed by Your Presence today!  Thrill us with the chance to come to You now!  Let us be blown away by all that we can experience by approaching You!  Show us what it is like to witness the miracle of knowing You!  Be the Miracle that happens to us!  Be the Miracle of our lives we pray!




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